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Grass paints for lawn repair

Drought, dry lawn, fertilizer burn– whatever the woe, green grass paints provide a solution. Get a beautiful green lawn while minimizing fertilizer, water and chemical usage.

Green grass paints reduce common lawn repair costs while also reducing chemical usage and water. Results with Endurant green grass paints are instant and last up to three months depending upon the rate of grass growth, frequency of mowing and other factors. Read More

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Green Lawn Paint: Why?! Learn here.

Many people outside of turf management industries are surprised by the notion of painting their lawns as if painting their home walls.  However, turf colorants have long been used in sports industries, especially golf course management.

When compared with many other lawn care practices, applying green grass paints can be the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way to achieve green grass.

Endurant introduces home lawn blend to make painting grass yourself easy
Why paint grass? Getting green grass can be easier, cheaper and better for the environment. Reduce water usage, fertilizers and toxic chemicals. Use non-toxic Endurant green grass paint for gorgeous natural green that lasts.

Golf course superintendents quickly found that Endurant green grass paints led Read More

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How to reduce lawn stress in the summer

Heat stress can lead to brown grass and a dry lawn. And, much like people, a stressed lawn and garden is in need of a deep “breath” of oxygen. Proper hydration, or water management, is also key to a lawn and landscape that handles summer heat well.

How to Reduce Summer Lawn Stress
Keep lawns happy this summer. Learn how to reduce lawn stress. (Image from Lawn Wranglers)

Summer would seem the perfect time for a green lawn. Yet often too much heat, not enough oxygen and either too much or too little water at the roots cause stress and brown grass. Here are expert tips on how to reduce lawn stress in the summer so you can get that healthy green lawn you desire. Read More

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Dry as a desert: Geoponics can help

Droughts and deserts: Turfgrass, golf courses, home lawns and gardens need not burn up, dry out and turn brown due to dry weather.

In fact, Geoponics offers two powerhouse solutions for dry soil that can keep plants, including turfgrass and gardens, vibrant and healthy in low water conditions. These environmentally sustainable solutions are ProfaSorb and Humawet. They are both soil surfactants. They are both much more than soil surfactants.

Humawet helps hold moisture, reduce water usage and is includes organic matter, humates considered to be the single most effective agent for sustainable agriculture.
Drought solutions #1: Humawet helps hold moisture, reduce water usage and includes organic matter considered to be the single most effective agent for sustainable agriculture.



Read More

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Turf pro: How to keep healthy warm season grass all year

Q&A: Geoponics & Virginia Golf Course Superintendent Jay Wade

Each season has its challenges for growing healthy turfgrass. Particularly challenging is maintaining that vibrant green color expected by golf club members and tournament players, regardless of climate, weather or water restrictions.

So when Geoponics heard of a man in Virginia who maintained a green golf course throughout the year, throughout a multitude of growing conditions, pleasing members with his handling of warm season grasses even during cool weather, we wanted to hear how he did it. Golf Course Superintendent Jay Wade shares how he maintains healthy turf throughout the seasons.

Here is our brief interview.

Endurant keeps warm season grasses gorgeous and playable throughout the cold winters. Magnolia Green Golf Club uses Endurant on Celebration Bermudagrass, lasting four months.
Endurant keeps warm season grasses gorgeous and playable throughout the cold winters. Magnolia Green Golf Club uses Endurant on Celebration Bermudagrass, lasting four months.


Read More

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Endurant at work: A roundup of winter turf highlights

We don’t mean roundup as in hazardous chemicals. We mean roundup as in a collection of the most awesome ways Endurant users choose the earth friendly way to get green grass.

Endurant turf colorants continue to go the extra mile this winter, bringing lasting color to golf courses, baseball fields, home lawns, even Nascar race tracks, among other places.

Endurant turf colorants beautify turfgrass while saving water, fertilizer, harsh chemicals, and overseed.  This means golf course superintendents, among other Endurant users, are saving money while minimizing damaging effects to water and the overall environment.

Endurant users love to share their experiences with colorants on social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s a roundup of Endurant turf colorants at work this winter:

Read More

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Golf course gets green during drought using Endurant

No water, no problem.

Golf course gets its green back during drought using Endurant turf colorant

Endurant turf colorants turn brown golf course to green
Bentley Village golf course goes from brown to green using Endurant turf colorant after winter drought drains irrigation lakes.

Southwest Florida visitors don’t expect to see brown golf courses. Nonetheless, that’s what many people are seeing at several courses in the area this February as the area suffers a winter drought.

Some golf courses, however, are beating the drought using Endurant turf colorants.

The superintendent of an 18-hole golf course within Bentley Village, a community located within North Naples, found a solution to their lack of water. The golf course irrigation is sourced from the community’s own lakes, but due to an intensively dry winter, the lakes ran out of water. The community had just enough water to maintain the greens, but the rest of the golf course was brown and dry.

“We operate out of our own self-contained lakes, and once they’re out, we’re out,” said Bentley Village Golf Course Superintendent Anthony Labno.

Despite the weather conditions, members weren’t letting Labno off the hook. They wanted green grass.

“They kept wondering what I could do. I explained I need three things to grow green grass: sunlight, water, and food. Without any one of those, there isn’t much I can do,” he said.

Soon, he discovered Endurant turf colorants.

“I don’t like having to mask things. But we needed to do something to get the course in much better looking condition,” said Labno.

Geoponics helped Labno pick a shade of green to best match the paspalum turf. Endurant Premium added the best shade to match the areas of healthy grass that still existed on the course.

“People outside the industry often don’t understand. They want it to be green. But ideally, we want playable, tournament quality turf,” said Labno.

Now, Bentley Village has the best of both worlds.

“I’ve got a dry course that plays well, it’s quick, it’s fast, and, I got green. I think it looks great. I like the color of it,” said Labno.

Member guests arrived on a rainy Wednesday, two days after applying Endurant turf colorant. Members agreed, the golf course looked impressive.

The one day of morning rain wasn’t of much help yet, but it didn’t hurt the turf either.

“We got over an inch of rain today, but I doubt it’s enough to get the lakes up and running yet. We got to see how Endurant holds up to rain,” said Labno.

Since Endurant is not merely a temporary dye, but rather a lasting colorant that adheres to turfgrass, the rain had no effect on the color and durability.

“I would definitely recommend Endurant. If you’re in a situation where you need to get some color quickly— whether it’s dormant or to cover up from frost or in my situation where there’s no water— Endurant provides a great solution to get some color,” said Labno.


Learn more about Endurant at www.TurfPaint.net or order here.



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Endurant Landscape Colorants: A guide for lawns & mulch

Endurant Landscape Colorants: A guide for lawns & mulch

Keeping a lawn green and healthy year round can be costly. Likewise, keeping mulch looking fresh by adding more layers can be time-consuming and ineffective for the health of the plants.

Endurant Lawn Colorants: Turf paint and Mulch Colorant
Endurant Lawn Colorants: www.TurfPaint.net      www.MulchColorant.net

Endurant Landscape Colorants provide lasting solutions to these challenges.

Endurant Lawn Colorant is a favorite choice among professionals and homeowners alike to keep grass looking vibrant without the overuse of water, fertilizer, and harsh chemicals.

Endurant Mulch Colorants keep mulch looking fresh without the danger to the health of plants and trees caused by over-mulching, which is a common cause for strangling roots.

Mulch and turf colorants, whether used together or separately, keep landscapes looking their best throughout various climate conditions.

Endurant Turf Colorant provides a solution to drought, water restrictions, and dormant turf.
Endurant turf colorant gives homes a quick, easy, long-lasting, and inexpensive lawn makeover. Endurant is a great way to add instant curb appeal to a home listed for sale.

Benefits include:

  • Save landscape managers’ time by eliminating the need to thatch lawns in the spring because no secondary root system is ever introduced.
  • Endurant turf colorants are made with specific binders for turfgrass that is long-lasting, providing consistent natural green color for approximately three months on dormant winter grass and lasting several weeks or months on actively growing grass, depending upon the mowing schedule.
  • Eliminate the need to over-seed, over-fertilize, and over-water each fall.
  • Turf colorant comes in five popular shades to coordinate with various turf grass varieties and will not turn blue.
  • Provides a solution to drought-stricken grass.
  • Provides a beautiful and cost-effective solution to managing dormant, dead-looking brown grass that comes each year in warm season grass varieties.
  • Warm season grasses, including Bermuda, Zoysia, and Centipede naturally go into dormancy with each frost Also, fescue turgrass tends to burn, brown, and dry in summer months easily depending upon water restrictions and weather conditions. Endurant comes in a shade to best coordinate each grass type, including the original Endurant Turf Colorant and Endurant Lawn Colorant Home Lawn Blends for most Bermuda grasses.
  • Endurant is the preferred alternative to using fertilizer and overseed.
  • Endurant provides perfect wow factor when listing a home for sale or getting a golf course or athletic field ready for game day or TV.
  • Endurant can be used to can be used to cover brown patches or to treat entire turfgrass sod farms.
  • Endurant turf colorants improve the look of grass while being environmentally friendly, easy to apply, and improving soil and plant health.
  • Endurant provides an alternative solution to the harmful fertilizers that include phosphorus and nitrogen, which are harming water quality and water supplies.

Learn how to apply Endurant Landscape Colorants

Endurant Landscapes Colorants are easy to apply to grass and mulch.
Endurant Landscapes Colorants are easy to apply to grass and mulch.

Want to learn how easy it is to apply Endurant? Learn the how-to as well as more about the four popular shades of Endurant Mulch Colorants and the five popular shades of Endurant Turf Colorants in this recent Endurant Lawn Colorants Brochure

Also, visit www.MulchColorant.net, www.TurfPaint.net and www.DryLawn.com for more details and to purchase Endurant Landscape Colorants.

READ THE FULL GUIDE: Endurant Lawn Colorants Brochure

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Lawn paint: Why paint grass?

Lawn paint provides green grass in any season. Drought, temperature extremes, such as too much heat or too much cold, along with seasonal dormancy, may be leading to brown, dry or patchy looking grass. Endurant lawn paint is the solution that is easy, economical and environmentally responsible.

Endurant lawn paint turns even the brownest grass to lively, natural green grass without overwatering, over-fertilizing or using harsh chemicals.

Endurant lawn paint: why green grass paint is popular

Why lawn paint?

Some of the top reasons for choosing to buy lawn paint are aesthetics, economics, environmentalism and agronomics.


Endurant lawn paint provides the best, most natural looking green grass colorant. Endurant lawn paint is long lasting with the colorant lasting up to three months depending upon how fast the grass is growing and how frequently it is mowed.

The aesthetic appeal of using Endurant lawn paint includes adding curb appeal to properties that are listed for sale. Simply choosing to buy lawn paint to rid the property of brown, patchy grass has been shown to increase curb appeal, decrease the amount of time a property remains listed for sale on the real estate market and increases the purchase price.

Endurant lawn paint has long been used by turfgrass professionals because of its superior natural look. Endurant’s aesthetic appeal has led to Endurant being the choice professionals and homeowners make when beautiful green grass is important. Endurant is the go-to brand when being applied to golf courses just before events that draw millions of TV viewers and the world’s most famous golf professionals. Endurant is the choice for use on common areas and grass in advance of social events, including weddings and parties. Endurant is the choice for people who choose to enjoy their lawns, whether for a home BBQ or any day of the week.

Unlike other lawn paint brands, Endurant lawn paint does not fade to a fake blue tone. Endurant fades on tone, meaning even as the colorant wears off or fades due to weather, growth, mowing and other conditions over the weeks or months, the grass colorant remains natural looking.

Unsightly pet urine stains, drought-stricken lawns, dormant brown grass and other lawn challenges are quickly remedied with Endurant lawn paints. Endurant provides lush, green lawns quickly and economically.


Endurant lawn paint is less expensive than the practice of overseeding when faced with dormancy and grass turning brown to seasonal weather changes. Overseeding includes the expenses of extra mowing, extra water, seed costs, fertilizers, herbicides, other harsh chemical usage and extra work and transition problems during seasonal changes.

The concentrated blends of Endurant provide particular value to transforming even the brownest, driest lawns.

Endurant lawn paint provides green, lush lawns instantly. It is easy to apply. It is one of the least expensive ways to transform a drought-stricken brown lawn into a lush green lawn without incurring the expense of extra watering, landscape replacement or harsh chemicals.

Environmentally responsible

Endurant lawn paint is the most environmentally responsible choice when choosing to buy lawn paint. Many of the economic savings of less water, fewer chemicals and less fertilizer not only save money, but are better for the environment.

Endurant lawn paint is made with organic pigments combined with binders for excellent adherence to turfgrass. As the lawn paint lasts up to three months, it provides fast and lasting green grass without using common old practices of over-watering, over-seeding, over-fertilizing and over-reliance on harsh chemicals to provide and maintain a beautiful green lawn.


Turfgrass professionals care about the health of their turf. Endurant is the preferred lawn paint brand among turf grass professionals, such as golf course superintendents, sod growers and landscape professionals, because using Endurant lawn paint has agronomic benefits, leading to improved turfgrass health.

By choosing Endurant lawn paint instead of overseed the turfgrass does not compete with the overseed turf species, which causes seasonal transition related problems and the frequent use of herbicides in an attempt to kill off the overseed after the season. Overseed also poses other agronomic challenges that do not occur when choosing Endurant lawn paint.

Also, when choosing Endurant lawn paint for use during winter dormancy, the darker turfgrass color mildly increases the temperature and therefor leads to faster green-up of the turfgrass in the spring.

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How to launch a lawn painting business

Launch you own lawn painting business

Timing is perfect to launch a lawn painting business to assist property owners during times of drought, water shortages, water restrictions, environmental concerns and property values damaged by declining curb appeal. Turn brown, dry, dormant lawns in to gorgeous green grass easily, economically and with environmental responsibility using Endurant.

Read More

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