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Study tracks staining of turf colorant on clothes

Kansas State University recently conducted a study on whether turf colorants stained clothes more than untreated grass.

The findings were favorable for Endurant turf colorant users who experience no additional staining on clothes from marks made with grass treated with Endurant versus untreated grass.

Don't let stains delay the game. Endurant turf colorants shown to leave no extra stains when athletes make contact with Endurant turf colorant treated grass.
Don’t let stains delay the game. Endurant turf colorants won’t mark up uniforms the way another top brand does.

Other brands caused more staining to clothes, including some of the top brands.

The field studies of potential clothing blemishes on clothes after athletes contact turfgrass treated with colorants were initiated February 16, 2017.

When athletes make contact with the playing surface, colorants will adhere to the turfgras leaf blades.

Endurant on Zoysia grass
Endurant turf colorant provides a full turfgrass makeover to this zoysia grass. The colorant stays on the field, not on athletes’ uniforms! Before and after photos shared by Landscape Supply.

In some cases though, some colorant brands other than Endurant also blemished clothing and for some brands the blemishing was significantly more than if the grass was left untreated with colorant.

K-State Turfgrass Research published the study in July 2017.

The study was led by Jared A Hoyle and Daniele L McFadden of Kansas State University.

“Effect of Dormant ‘MidIron’ Bermudagrass Colorant Applications on Clothing Blemishing” compared the blemishes created by four brands of turf pigments Endurant Premium left the least amount of blemishing, leaving no more blemishing on clothes than untreated turfgrass.

Sometimes grass stains matter. Endurant turf colorants won't stain clothes like other brand.
Prevent clothes from becoming one big grass stain. Endurant turf colorants won’t stain clothes like other brands, University study finds.

According to the study, a brand called Envy left the most amount of staining on clothing that made contact with turfgrass treated with Envy grass paint.

The objective of the research was to determine if turfgrass pigments and paints blemish athletic clothing after the recommended dry time.

Endurant turf colorants, created by Geoponics, do not cause additional staining to athletes’ clothes when compared with untreated grass.

As many athletes’ clothes are quite expensive, the benefits for teams can be beyond aesthetic and into economic.

We’re proud to share the results of the study.

Review the study by University of Kansas online: “Hoyle, J. and McFadden, Daniele L. (2017) ‘Effect of Dormant ‘MidIron’ Bermudagrass Colorant Applications on Clothing Blemishing,’ Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station Research Reports: Vol. 3: Iss. 4. https://doi.org/10.4148/2378-5977.7151

Review the PDF of the study here:

Effect of Dormant ‘MidIron’ Bermudagrass Colorant Applications on Clothing Blemishing


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Fall golf prep: Traditional overseed, liquid overseed or both

It’s never too early to plan. What you do this fall and winter may be less expensive to choose now. There are several considerations to review when choosing whether to leave dormant turf as-is or whether to choose between traditional overseed, liquid overseed or both.

Before and after pictures reveal Endurant liquid overseed transforms dormant turfgrass into lively, healthy looking green grass
Endurant eco-friendly turf colorant applied at Hillwood Country Club provides a vibrant turfgrass transformation during full winter dormancy. Endurant also provides a boost in color when low temperatures cause intermittent browning.

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Green Lawn Paint: Why?! Learn here.

Many people outside of turf management industries are surprised by the notion of painting their lawns as if painting their home walls.  However, turf colorants have long been used in sports industries, especially golf course management.

When compared with many other lawn care practices, applying green grass paints can be the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way to achieve green grass.

Endurant introduces home lawn blend to make painting grass yourself easy
Why paint grass? Getting green grass can be easier, cheaper and better for the environment. Reduce water usage, fertilizers and toxic chemicals. Use non-toxic Endurant green grass paint for gorgeous natural green that lasts.

Golf course superintendents quickly found that Endurant green grass paints led Read More

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Makeover of the month: Home landscape

Endurant turf colorants– including colorants for home lawns, mulch and landscapes– lead to impressive makeovers daily. During the month of March, this Oklahoma home lawn stood out as a favorite.

Endurant Premium: 5 gallons per acre
Of all the lawn and landscape makeovers powered by Endurant turf colorants this month, this Oklahoma home lawn was a leader.

Endurant turf colorants are grass paints, but they are more than that. Endurant is used on mulch, shrubs, trees and in other landscape applications. Endurant is what makes sport turf look amazing even on HDTV. The high definition shows any flaw, but Endurant keeps it nearly flawless. Read More

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NASCAR goes the extra mile with Endurant turf paint

NASCAR got TV ready faster than ever using Endurant grass paint

When it comes to NASCAR, it’s not just the cars that could use some extra paint. NASCAR recently used Endurant turf colorant to rev up for the races.

NASCAR knows how to cover their tracks. Tire tracks went from zero to green in record time using Endurant turf colorant. And watching paint dry is nothing in comparison to waiting for grass to grow in time for the next NASCAR race. When it comes to getting green grass fast, Endurant turf colorant puts the pedal to the metal for a huge acceleration toward beautiful green grass.

Endurant isn’t just fast. It also lasts, up to 3 months, depending upon the rate of growth, mowing, and off track maneuvers from race car drivers.

Shop turf colorants for home lawns, race tracks, athletic fields, golf courses, sod farms, and anywhere grass grows.

Before and after photos using Endurant Premium turf colorant on the NASCAR race track:

Nascar: Before and after Endurant turf colorant
Endurant revs up the NASCAR turf as seen in this before and after photo. Endurant Premium provides a deep, even green color to get the turf and track ready for a stadium full of NASCAR fans. Getting TV-ready just got faster with Endurant turf paint.

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Endurant at work: A roundup of winter turf highlights

We don’t mean roundup as in hazardous chemicals. We mean roundup as in a collection of the most awesome ways Endurant users choose the earth friendly way to get green grass.

Endurant turf colorants continue to go the extra mile this winter, bringing lasting color to golf courses, baseball fields, home lawns, even Nascar race tracks, among other places.

Endurant turf colorants beautify turfgrass while saving water, fertilizer, harsh chemicals, and overseed.  This means golf course superintendents, among other Endurant users, are saving money while minimizing damaging effects to water and the overall environment.

Endurant users love to share their experiences with colorants on social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s a roundup of Endurant turf colorants at work this winter:

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Getting over it: Endurant versus overseed

Sod growers, sports field managers and golf course superintendents find Endurant turf colorants are a viable solution to use during overseed transitions or instead of overseed entirely

Turfgrass managers choose Endurant turf colorants instead of overseed for economics, aesthetics, and agronomics

Endurant sows seeds of potential for sod growers & other turfgrass professionals

Sod growers love Endurant for revolutionizing their winter sod business. Sod Solutions, innovators in natural grass, along with WinField United Pro, which provides a comprehensive line-up of research based agricultural and farming products, among others, choose Endurant turf colorants as their alternative to overseed.

.#Endurant https://t.co/e2GJAqouCt on winter sod @SodSolutions @winfieldpro #liquidoverseed #landscape #lawn #Turf pic.twitter.com/aVlWbwnZwu

Many turfgrass professionals find Endurant provides better turf, true natural color, and agronomic benefits while decreasing costs and environmental strains caused by overseeding. Overseeding requires more water usage and damage to water sources as overseeding often includes overwatering and over-fertilizing winter turf.

While Endurant turf colorants aren’t really anything new, more and more people in professions including agriculture, golf course management, landscaping, sod farming, real estate, sports field management, and others are learning how helpful Endurant turf color enhancers can be in a variety of conditions, including drought, dormancy, water restrictions, tight budgets, television and filming.

Endurant can be used on dormant turf, actively growing grass, warm season and cool season grasses.

Ask Mr. Wise Grass about Endurant turf colorants

West Coast Turf and their sister company Western Sod have lauded the benefits of Endurant as an alternative to overseed. Mr. Wise Grass is the name of a West Coast Turf blog where a turfgrass pro named Jay posts information on everything you need to know about the best sod and turfgrass for your environment, uses, and budget. He answers common questions regarding issues surrounding grass and more technical issues that can be resolved with years of professional experience.

Here’s what Jay has to say about Endurant turf paint:

This product can be applied to overseeded or dormant turf to give your lawn the same ryegrass color you seeded with. The turf paint serves another purpose besides just providing color. It heats up the plant and will allow for faster spring green up in dormant turf and will help new ryegrass plants fill in any voids from the encroaching bermudagrass during seeding.

Check out more from Mr. Wise Grass.

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Professionals learn how to prepare for turf colorant

Achieving the best performance of colorants on turf grass requires simple preparation prior to application. Answering the following questions is key to successfully applying colorants to the turf.

This brief Q&A guide is geared especially toward helping sod growers, golf course superintendents and other landscape managers of large properties. Home lawn users check out this blog for some particulars to help with smaller grass painting jobs. Professionals and home lawn users can also find more tips on how to paint turf here.

Pointers for pros:

What color do I choose?

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Paint it. Like it. Share it. Win it.

Use Endurant. Win a T-shirt.

Endurant Before and After Photo ContestClick, click. It’s that easy.

Enter the Endurant Photo Contest:

Projects using Endurant turf colorants make for great before and after pictures. Endurant can be applied to grass, pinestraw,  mulch and even trees or shrubs. Endurant turf colorants can be used almost anywhere, including:
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County parks go green with Endurant grass colorant

Growing green grass is a walk in the park with Endurant grass paints.

Located in Southwest Florida, Collier County Parks and Recreation recently applied Endurant to ballparks and street medians.

Medians get a makeover in the coastal community of Collier County where worldwide visitors to Naples expect beautiful streets and views.
Medians get a makeover in the coastal community of Collier County where worldwide visitors to the Naples area expect beautiful streets and views.

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