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Buy lawn paint or make your own grass paint?

Should you make your own lawn paint or buy grass paint?

Sometimes DIY projects are great. Sometimes, they become the more expensive way to do things. Here is some information to consider when choosing whether to add green back to your lawn using a commercial colorant or making your own lawn dye.

Maybe you didn’t even know that you can buy lawn paint or you can make your own green grass dye at home. Before you start stirring up your homemade recipe Read More

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First day of spring: Is your grass springtime green?

If your grass doesn’t look like spring, Endurant TE can help.

Just as it was time to spring forward the clocks, many turf lovers felt more like they were flung back into winter. Endurant TE, a turf color enhancer for growing grass, helps turfgrass professionals transition smoothly from winter to spring. Late season frosts and snowstorms have many lawns, golf courses and sod farms not quite looking like spring. Endurant TE will bring spring to your customers, golfers, and visitors by giving the green color they desire.

Endurant TE is applied to paspalum at the rate of 20 ounces per acre to provide a rich springtime green grass color.
Endurant TE is applied on paspalum turfgrass at the rate of 20 ounces per acre to provide a rich springtime green grass color to the golf course. Photo source: Ken Lee, CGCS

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NASCAR goes the extra mile with Endurant turf paint

NASCAR got TV ready faster than ever using Endurant grass paint

When it comes to NASCAR, it’s not just the cars that could use some extra paint. NASCAR recently used Endurant turf colorant to rev up for the races.

NASCAR knows how to cover their tracks. Tire tracks went from zero to green in record time using Endurant turf colorant. And watching paint dry is nothing in comparison to waiting for grass to grow in time for the next NASCAR race. When it comes to getting green grass fast, Endurant turf colorant puts the pedal to the metal for a huge acceleration toward beautiful green grass.

Endurant isn’t just fast. It also lasts, up to 3 months, depending upon the rate of growth, mowing, and off track maneuvers from race car drivers.

Shop turf colorants for home lawns, race tracks, athletic fields, golf courses, sod farms, and anywhere grass grows.

Before and after photos using Endurant Premium turf colorant on the NASCAR race track:

Nascar: Before and after Endurant turf colorant
Endurant revs up the NASCAR turf as seen in this before and after photo. Endurant Premium provides a deep, even green color to get the turf and track ready for a stadium full of NASCAR fans. Getting TV-ready just got faster with Endurant turf paint.

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Mercato: Color enhancement perfects upscale landscape

Wealthy destination demands color enhanced landscape

Beautification and environmentalism come together using Endurant turf color enhancers at Mercato shopping center

When it comes to a beautiful landscape, color is key. Endurant turf color enhancers give grass and other plants a rich, vibrant green that is both natural and exquisite.

Mercato recently decided to maintain an impeccable landscape using Endurant color enhancement.

Mercato is an upscale mixed-use center with world class shopping, entertainment, restaurants, homes and offices. Located in Naples, Fla., Mercato is one of the trendiest and wealthiest destinations within the area that is already famous for its general wealth.

A WinField Solutions account manager working with lawn care operators and pest control operators learned that Endurant color enhancers were a perfect addition to the landscaping design and approach on the property.

“I was truly amazed how realistic the Endurant Perennial Rye appeared at Mercato. It really brought the lawns back to life. It really looked great!”

~Doug Raynor, LCO-PCO Account Manager, WinField Solutions, Southwest Florida


Mercato color enhancement Endurant
Mercato, the upscale community within the upscale community of Naples, Fla., seeks impeccably lush green landscaping. Endurant provides the beautiful look while conserving water, reducing fertilizer usage and eliminating the perceived need for harsh chemicals. Endurant colorant lasts 3 months or even longer on dormant turf and several weeks in most applications.

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Sod farmers: Keeping turf green with Endurant color enhancer

Harmony Growers and sod farmers across the U.S. are using Endurant turf color enhancers for vibrant green sod. These growers are rated as providing the best turf across the country. Hear why these growers said they chose to use Endurant turf colorant enhancers during full dormancy, partial dormancy and during the spring and summer seasons.

Endurant colorants and Endurant TE turf enhancer are used during full dormancy, partial dormancy and full season growth for optimal natural, lasting vibrant green grass.

Which grass paint is best for me?
Which grass paint is best for me? Check out Turfpaint.net to learn more.

Sod farmers: Keeping turf green with Endurant color enhancers

“I am very pleased with Endurant turf colorants. We have never sold
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Endurant introduces a home lawn blend

DIY: New Endurant Home Lawn Blend makes green grass available to all

Endurant introduces home lawn blend to make painting grass yourself easy
Getting green grass just got easier, cheaper and better for the environment. Painting a home lawn with Endurant home lawn blend is easy and great for drought.

Endurant introduces a Home Lawn Blend of grass colorant

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Lawn paint: Why paint grass?

Lawn paint provides green grass in any season. Drought, temperature extremes, such as too much heat or too much cold, along with seasonal dormancy, may be leading to brown, dry or patchy looking grass. Endurant lawn paint is the solution that is easy, economical and environmentally responsible.

Endurant lawn paint turns even the brownest grass to lively, natural green grass without overwatering, over-fertilizing or using harsh chemicals.

Endurant lawn paint: why green grass paint is popular

Why lawn paint?

Some of the top reasons for choosing to buy lawn paint are aesthetics, economics, environmentalism and agronomics.


Endurant lawn paint provides the best, most natural looking green grass colorant. Endurant lawn paint is long lasting with the colorant lasting up to three months depending upon how fast the grass is growing and how frequently it is mowed.

The aesthetic appeal of using Endurant lawn paint includes adding curb appeal to properties that are listed for sale. Simply choosing to buy lawn paint to rid the property of brown, patchy grass has been shown to increase curb appeal, decrease the amount of time a property remains listed for sale on the real estate market and increases the purchase price.

Endurant lawn paint has long been used by turfgrass professionals because of its superior natural look. Endurant’s aesthetic appeal has led to Endurant being the choice professionals and homeowners make when beautiful green grass is important. Endurant is the go-to brand when being applied to golf courses just before events that draw millions of TV viewers and the world’s most famous golf professionals. Endurant is the choice for use on common areas and grass in advance of social events, including weddings and parties. Endurant is the choice for people who choose to enjoy their lawns, whether for a home BBQ or any day of the week.

Unlike other lawn paint brands, Endurant lawn paint does not fade to a fake blue tone. Endurant fades on tone, meaning even as the colorant wears off or fades due to weather, growth, mowing and other conditions over the weeks or months, the grass colorant remains natural looking.

Unsightly pet urine stains, drought-stricken lawns, dormant brown grass and other lawn challenges are quickly remedied with Endurant lawn paints. Endurant provides lush, green lawns quickly and economically.


Endurant lawn paint is less expensive than the practice of overseeding when faced with dormancy and grass turning brown to seasonal weather changes. Overseeding includes the expenses of extra mowing, extra water, seed costs, fertilizers, herbicides, other harsh chemical usage and extra work and transition problems during seasonal changes.

The concentrated blends of Endurant provide particular value to transforming even the brownest, driest lawns.

Endurant lawn paint provides green, lush lawns instantly. It is easy to apply. It is one of the least expensive ways to transform a drought-stricken brown lawn into a lush green lawn without incurring the expense of extra watering, landscape replacement or harsh chemicals.

Environmentally responsible

Endurant lawn paint is the most environmentally responsible choice when choosing to buy lawn paint. Many of the economic savings of less water, fewer chemicals and less fertilizer not only save money, but are better for the environment.

Endurant lawn paint is made with organic pigments combined with binders for excellent adherence to turfgrass. As the lawn paint lasts up to three months, it provides fast and lasting green grass without using common old practices of over-watering, over-seeding, over-fertilizing and over-reliance on harsh chemicals to provide and maintain a beautiful green lawn.


Turfgrass professionals care about the health of their turf. Endurant is the preferred lawn paint brand among turf grass professionals, such as golf course superintendents, sod growers and landscape professionals, because using Endurant lawn paint has agronomic benefits, leading to improved turfgrass health.

By choosing Endurant lawn paint instead of overseed the turfgrass does not compete with the overseed turf species, which causes seasonal transition related problems and the frequent use of herbicides in an attempt to kill off the overseed after the season. Overseed also poses other agronomic challenges that do not occur when choosing Endurant lawn paint.

Also, when choosing Endurant lawn paint for use during winter dormancy, the darker turfgrass color mildly increases the temperature and therefor leads to faster green-up of the turfgrass in the spring.

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Keep grass green in the winter

Green grass during the winter months is made easy by painting dormant warm season grasses using Endurant colorant. As warm season grasses such as Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia and Centipede go dormant, attaining green grass often requires either overseed or turf colorant.

Keep grass green all winter with Endurant turf colorant and lawn paint instead of over-seeding dormant warm season grasses
Get eye-popping, natural green grass color all winter long. Reduce water and fertilizer usage.

Endurant turf colorant eliminates the need to over-seed lawns, golf courses and other grass areas while giving grass vibrant, natural-looking color throughout the winter. Overseeding with cool season grasses such as ryegrass is becoming less popular as the use of Endurant turf colorant continues gaining in popularity each year.

The benefits of using Endurant turf colorant are numerous when compared with the traditional practice of overseeding with ryegrass. Endurant turf colorant eliminates the seasonal transition challenges caused when ryegrass competes with the existing grass for nutrients and sunlight in the spring. As the warm season grasses come out of their dormancy, turfgrass where Endurant was applied is healthier than overseeded turfgrass. These agronomic benefits are also seen aesthetically in the spring with healthier looking turfgrass when Endurant was used in the winter compared with overseed.

Painting grass with Endurant turf colorant can also eliminate the need to mow the overseeded ryegrass throughout the fall, winter and spring months.


As environmental concerns continue to grow, Endurant turf colorant becomes an even better option. One of the best aspects of choosing turf colorant instead of overseed is that grass paints and lawn colorants prevent the need to over-fertilize and over-water the overseeded ryegrass lawns, golf courses and grass areas.

These add up to big savings economically as well.

Check out this blog on the economics and savings using Endurant.

Select the best shade of green grass color and buy Endurant now, click here.

Endurant turf colorants and lawn paints:

✓ Greatest value

✓ Long lasting

✓ High concentrations of organic pigments

✓ Highest quality ingredients


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