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How to fix and avoid common lawn problems

There is a relatively small list of the most common turf problems and how to avoid or repair them. These lawn and garden problems are relatively easy to avoid.

Expert lawn care tips can help almost every level of gardener or landscaper. Read More

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How to reduce lawn stress in the summer

Heat stress can lead to brown grass and a dry lawn. And, much like people, a stressed lawn and garden is in need of a deep “breath” of oxygen. Proper hydration, or water management, is also key to a lawn and landscape that handles summer heat well.

How to Reduce Summer Lawn Stress
Keep lawns happy this summer. Learn how to reduce lawn stress. (Image from Lawn Wranglers)

Summer would seem the perfect time for a green lawn. Yet often too much heat, not enough oxygen and either too much or too little water at the roots cause stress and brown grass. Here are expert tips on how to reduce lawn stress in the summer so you can get that healthy green lawn you desire. Read More

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Beat summer heat stress, patchy grass with Endurant

Before & After Photos: Endurant provides instant repair to patchy lawn

Beat summer heat stress or other causes of brown grass with Endurant turf colorants

Bryan Volz of Bry’s Lawn Care and Landscaping, LLC in Forest Hill, Maryland used a turf colorant for the first time this summer. When faced with brown patches in an otherwise deep forest green lawn, Volz chose to apply Endurant turf colorant to provide instant and lasting curb appeal. Endurant colorants can last up to 3 months depending upon rate of growth, frequency of mowing and other conditions.

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