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Buy lawn paint or make your own grass paint?

Should you make your own lawn paint or buy grass paint?

Sometimes DIY projects are great. Sometimes, they become the more expensive way to do things. Here is some information to consider when choosing whether to add green back to your lawn using a commercial colorant or making your own lawn dye.

Maybe you didn’t even know that you can buy lawn paint or you can make your own green grass dye at home. Before you start stirring up your homemade recipe Read More

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Success transfers from golf courses to home lawns

Endurant: From golf courses to home lawns

Endurant turf colorants have long been used with great success on golf courses throughout the world. The colorant is a favored alternative to the practice of overseeding, which demands higher costs, over-watering and over-fertilizing, among other costs. These expenses are not just financial or short-term as water quality and water shortages become an increasing crisis throughout the world.

Endurant continues to be a huge success on golf courses everywhere this winter as the home lawn colorants provided by Endurant also grow in popularity and usage.

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Endurant introduces a home lawn blend

DIY: New Endurant Home Lawn Blend makes green grass available to all

Endurant introduces home lawn blend to make painting grass yourself easy
Getting green grass just got easier, cheaper and better for the environment. Painting a home lawn with Endurant home lawn blend is easy and great for drought.

Endurant introduces a Home Lawn Blend of grass colorant

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