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Endurant takes Twitter this summer as turf pros prep for fall

Turf managers are sharing their experiences using Endurant throughout the summer and as they begin fall management preparations.

Endurant on Zoysia grass
Zoysia gets an August color boost with Endurant. Turf colorant provides a full turfgrass makeover to this zoysia grass. Before and after photos shared by Landscape Supply.

The images posted are a few of our favorite photos of Endurant turf colorants used on home lawns, farms, golf courses or sports fields that users shared in August. Endurant is used throughout the summer on cool and warm season grasses. Endurant is also the first choice for fall color preparations.

Endurant turf colorants are popular throughout the year on warm and cool season grasses, but fall is one of the most common times of the year for turfgrass professionals to consider color enhancers as cooler weather will begin to cause grass to lose color and chlorophyl, particularly in warm season grass varieties.

Nonetheless, cool season grasses were enhanced by the use of Endurant throughout this summer and leading into fall as well. Turfgrass professionals, Read More

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Creative colorant: 5 landscaping ideas with Endurant

Endurant turf colorant and mulch colorants have a wide variety of usage. Landscape professionals and home users shared their creative use of Endurant on golf courses, home lawns, mulch, bushes, trees and gardens.

The creativity in application created beautiful landscapes across the country.

Endurant mulch colorant in the mountains of North Carolina

A North Carolina mountain home gets a front yard facelift by adding contrast using Endurant black on the mulch. Painting the mulch with Endurant black mulch colorant provided a huge savings– especially in labor! Read more on Saving Your Back with Endurant Black and check out other mulch makeovers here.

  Drone video shows freshly painted fairways

Drones provide a great perspective, especially in this video showcasing freshly painted fairways. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club recently painted their fairways using Endurant Premium. Caledonia is located in Pawley’s Island, just south of Mrytle Beach, South Carolina.  The rich, ultra-concentrated blend of Endurant Premium turf colorant is particularly popular for golf courses across the country. Endurant provides gorgeous contrast on dormant turfgrass and improves the game for golfers.

Check out the video captured by the drone this February:



February Contrast from CaledoniaGolf on Vimeo.


Ficus hedge: Endurant is the go-to source for any property that needs Wow Factor

Recently, using Endurant turf colorant on trees, shrubs, hedges, bushes and plants other than turfgrass has become increasingly popular. All properties benefit from great landscaping and curb appeal. Private gated communities, golf courses, real estate properties listed for-sale, city street-scapes, parks and other landscaped areas are benefiting from Endurant colorants in new and innovative ways. This ficus hedge looks vibrant and healthy green instead of yellowing and drab with an application of Endurant TC.

Creative colorants: Endurant applied to a ficus hedge
Creative colorants: Endurant applied to a ficus hedge


Gardens get a go with creative cutting-in

Sometimes creativity is as much about how you do it as what you do. Check out this effective way of cutting in around the garden.

Endurant gives an edge for real estate sales

Endurant colorants, including for mulch and pinestraw, as well as for lawns and turfgrass, is giving an edge in the real estate market.

It’s no secret that curb appeal is a key factor in real estate sales. Simple landscape improvements, such as applying Endurant colorants, can boost property sale prices by as much as 10 percent, according to Realtor.com.

These landscape improvements also decrease the time the properties sit on the market.

Check out this curb appeal makeover in progress at a Naples Florida home for sale

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Growing greener turf for sports, farms & lawns

Endurant eco-friendly turf colorant is everywhere, growing greener turf on football fields, sod farms, home lawns and golf courses.

Check out these photos and videos. Then, go back to www.TurfPaint.net to learn more and purchase Endurant turf colorant.

Photos Endurant turf colorants: Saving water, reducing fertilizer usage, minimizing harmful runoff

Read More

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Before and after pictures of turf transformations

These before and after pictures show Endurant turf colorant transforming properties by breathing green life and color into turfgrass.

The before and after pictures below show it all in terms of looks, but here is what you really should know about Endurant eco-friendly turf colorant:

  • Endurant turf colorant is eco-friendly by providing green grass while drastically decreasing water usage.
  • Green turf grass is attained using less fertilizer
  • Endurant saves on using other harsh chemicals to attain green grass.
  • Decreasing the usage of water, fertilizer and chemicals saves money in the short term and long term.
  • Less watering, fertilizer and chemical usage is much better for the environment in the short term and long term.
  • Dangerous runoff is decreased by using Endurant instead of fertilizer and harsh chemicals to attain gorgeous green grass. This protects our waterways, wildlife habitats and sources of drinking water for people and wildlife.
  • Many clubs and properties across the U.S. and throughout the world are continuing to save as much as 60 percent on water by using Endurant turf colorants instead of using the old practices of overseeding, over-fertilizing and over-watering.

Read More

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How to launch a lawn painting business

Launch you own lawn painting business

Timing is perfect to launch a lawn painting business to assist property owners during times of drought, water shortages, water restrictions, environmental concerns and property values damaged by declining curb appeal. Turn brown, dry, dormant lawns in to gorgeous green grass easily, economically and with environmental responsibility using Endurant.

Read More

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