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How to fix and avoid common lawn problems

There is a relatively small list of the most common turf problems and how to avoid or repair them. These lawn and garden problems are relatively easy to avoid.

Expert lawn care tips can help almost every level of gardener or landscaper. Read More

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Green Lawn Paint: Why?! Learn here.

Many people outside of turf management industries are surprised by the notion of painting their lawns as if painting their home walls.  However, turf colorants have long been used in sports industries, especially golf course management.

When compared with many other lawn care practices, applying green grass paints can be the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way to achieve green grass.

Endurant introduces home lawn blend to make painting grass yourself easy
Why paint grass? Getting green grass can be easier, cheaper and better for the environment. Reduce water usage, fertilizers and toxic chemicals. Use non-toxic Endurant green grass paint for gorgeous natural green that lasts.

Golf course superintendents quickly found that Endurant green grass paints led Read More

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Geoponics: What we do

Geoponics provides environmentally sustainable alternatives to common practices used in sod growing, lawn care, turfgrass management, landscaping, golf course management and sports field maintenance.

Everything we do and provide is with the goal of minimizing the over-use of water, pesticides, fungicides, algaecides, fertilizer and other harmful chemicals. Meanwhile, Geoponics’ products provide optimal results for healthy soil and plants, gorgeous aesthetics for colorful landscapes, as well as economical options for nearly all budget levels of managing turfgrass and lawns.


Great landscapes, like brilliant lives, burst with color. We’ve got you colored.  Read More

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Makeover of the month: Home landscape

Endurant turf colorants– including colorants for home lawns, mulch and landscapes– lead to impressive makeovers daily. During the month of March, this Oklahoma home lawn stood out as a favorite.

Endurant Premium: 5 gallons per acre
Of all the lawn and landscape makeovers powered by Endurant turf colorants this month, this Oklahoma home lawn was a leader.

Endurant turf colorants are grass paints, but they are more than that. Endurant is used on mulch, shrubs, trees and in other landscape applications. Endurant is what makes sport turf look amazing even on HDTV. The high definition shows any flaw, but Endurant keeps it nearly flawless. Read More

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Endurant Landscape Colorants: A guide for lawns & mulch

Endurant Landscape Colorants: A guide for lawns & mulch

Keeping a lawn green and healthy year round can be costly. Likewise, keeping mulch looking fresh by adding more layers can be time-consuming and ineffective for the health of the plants.

Endurant Lawn Colorants: Turf paint and Mulch Colorant
Endurant Lawn Colorants: www.TurfPaint.net      www.MulchColorant.net

Endurant Landscape Colorants provide lasting solutions to these challenges.

Endurant Lawn Colorant is a favorite choice among professionals and homeowners alike to keep grass looking vibrant without the overuse of water, fertilizer, and harsh chemicals.

Endurant Mulch Colorants keep mulch looking fresh without the danger to the health of plants and trees caused by over-mulching, which is a common cause for strangling roots.

Mulch and turf colorants, whether used together or separately, keep landscapes looking their best throughout various climate conditions.

Endurant Turf Colorant provides a solution to drought, water restrictions, and dormant turf.
Endurant turf colorant gives homes a quick, easy, long-lasting, and inexpensive lawn makeover. Endurant is a great way to add instant curb appeal to a home listed for sale.

Benefits include:

  • Save landscape managers’ time by eliminating the need to thatch lawns in the spring because no secondary root system is ever introduced.
  • Endurant turf colorants are made with specific binders for turfgrass that is long-lasting, providing consistent natural green color for approximately three months on dormant winter grass and lasting several weeks or months on actively growing grass, depending upon the mowing schedule.
  • Eliminate the need to over-seed, over-fertilize, and over-water each fall.
  • Turf colorant comes in five popular shades to coordinate with various turf grass varieties and will not turn blue.
  • Provides a solution to drought-stricken grass.
  • Provides a beautiful and cost-effective solution to managing dormant, dead-looking brown grass that comes each year in warm season grass varieties.
  • Warm season grasses, including Bermuda, Zoysia, and Centipede naturally go into dormancy with each frost Also, fescue turgrass tends to burn, brown, and dry in summer months easily depending upon water restrictions and weather conditions. Endurant comes in a shade to best coordinate each grass type, including the original Endurant Turf Colorant and Endurant Lawn Colorant Home Lawn Blends for most Bermuda grasses.
  • Endurant is the preferred alternative to using fertilizer and overseed.
  • Endurant provides perfect wow factor when listing a home for sale or getting a golf course or athletic field ready for game day or TV.
  • Endurant can be used to can be used to cover brown patches or to treat entire turfgrass sod farms.
  • Endurant turf colorants improve the look of grass while being environmentally friendly, easy to apply, and improving soil and plant health.
  • Endurant provides an alternative solution to the harmful fertilizers that include phosphorus and nitrogen, which are harming water quality and water supplies.

Learn how to apply Endurant Landscape Colorants

Endurant Landscapes Colorants are easy to apply to grass and mulch.
Endurant Landscapes Colorants are easy to apply to grass and mulch.

Want to learn how easy it is to apply Endurant? Learn the how-to as well as more about the four popular shades of Endurant Mulch Colorants and the five popular shades of Endurant Turf Colorants in this recent Endurant Lawn Colorants Brochure

Also, visit www.MulchColorant.net, www.TurfPaint.net and www.DryLawn.com for more details and to purchase Endurant Landscape Colorants.

READ THE FULL GUIDE: Endurant Lawn Colorants Brochure

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Beat summer heat stress, patchy grass with Endurant

Before & After Photos: Endurant provides instant repair to patchy lawn

Beat summer heat stress or other causes of brown grass with Endurant turf colorants

Bryan Volz of Bry’s Lawn Care and Landscaping, LLC in Forest Hill, Maryland used a turf colorant for the first time this summer. When faced with brown patches in an otherwise deep forest green lawn, Volz chose to apply Endurant turf colorant to provide instant and lasting curb appeal. Endurant colorants can last up to 3 months depending upon rate of growth, frequency of mowing and other conditions.

Read More

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Paint it. Like it. Share it. Win it.

Use Endurant. Win a T-shirt.

Endurant Before and After Photo ContestClick, click. It’s that easy.

Enter the Endurant Photo Contest:

Projects using Endurant turf colorants make for great before and after pictures. Endurant can be applied to grass, pinestraw,  mulch and even trees or shrubs. Endurant turf colorants can be used almost anywhere, including:
Read More

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Success transfers from golf courses to home lawns

Endurant: From golf courses to home lawns

Endurant turf colorants have long been used with great success on golf courses throughout the world. The colorant is a favored alternative to the practice of overseeding, which demands higher costs, over-watering and over-fertilizing, among other costs. These expenses are not just financial or short-term as water quality and water shortages become an increasing crisis throughout the world.

Endurant continues to be a huge success on golf courses everywhere this winter as the home lawn colorants provided by Endurant also grow in popularity and usage.

Read More

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Growing greener turf for sports, farms & lawns

Endurant eco-friendly turf colorant is everywhere, growing greener turf on football fields, sod farms, home lawns and golf courses.

Check out these photos and videos. Then, go back to www.TurfPaint.net to learn more and purchase Endurant turf colorant.

Photos Endurant turf colorants: Saving water, reducing fertilizer usage, minimizing harmful runoff

Read More

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Before and after pictures of turf transformations

These before and after pictures show Endurant turf colorant transforming properties by breathing green life and color into turfgrass.

The before and after pictures below show it all in terms of looks, but here is what you really should know about Endurant eco-friendly turf colorant:

  • Endurant turf colorant is eco-friendly by providing green grass while drastically decreasing water usage.
  • Green turf grass is attained using less fertilizer
  • Endurant saves on using other harsh chemicals to attain green grass.
  • Decreasing the usage of water, fertilizer and chemicals saves money in the short term and long term.
  • Less watering, fertilizer and chemical usage is much better for the environment in the short term and long term.
  • Dangerous runoff is decreased by using Endurant instead of fertilizer and harsh chemicals to attain gorgeous green grass. This protects our waterways, wildlife habitats and sources of drinking water for people and wildlife.
  • Many clubs and properties across the U.S. and throughout the world are continuing to save as much as 60 percent on water by using Endurant turf colorants instead of using the old practices of overseeding, over-fertilizing and over-watering.

Read More

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