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Grass paints for lawn repair

Drought, dry lawn, fertilizer burn– whatever the woe, green grass paints provide a solution. Get a beautiful green lawn while minimizing fertilizer, water and chemical usage.

Green grass paints reduce common lawn repair costs while also reducing chemical usage and water. Results with Endurant green grass paints are instant and last up to three months depending upon the rate of grass growth, frequency of mowing and other factors. Read More

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Buy lawn paint or make your own grass paint?

Should you make your own lawn paint or buy grass paint?

Sometimes DIY projects are great. Sometimes, they become the more expensive way to do things. Here is some information to consider when choosing whether to add green back to your lawn using a commercial colorant or making your own lawn dye.

Maybe you didn’t even know that you can buy lawn paint or you can make your own green grass dye at home. Before you start stirring up your homemade recipe Read More

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Top 5 lawn colorant and grass paint questions

Recently, here are top 5 lawn colorant and grass paint questions.

Lately, these are the most common questions home owners want to know when considering how to turn their brown or patchy grass to vibrant green grass quickly, economically and with great regard to the environment, including reduced water usage.

Is Endurant safe for my pets and family?

Yes, Endurant is 100 percent natural and safe to walk on once dry. For optimal safety, always follow all label instructions. Endurant is environmentally friendly and does not harm the plant, soil or grass.

Does Endurant grass paint or lawn colorant wash off? What happens when it rains?

No. Endurant does not wash off in the rain or wear off on your shoes. Once Endurant dries, about one or two hours after applying to the grass paint to the lawn, Endurant is lasting and permanent.

Endurant turf paint and lawn colorant is made with organic pigments combined with binders made specifically for excellent adherence to grass. Endurant’s unique blend of high quality binders and surfactants make the pigment spread evenly over the surface of the blade while also penetrating the waxy surface of grass. Endurant is a colorant unlike any other paint that would wash off or peel off because Endurant provides a lasting colorant. Endurant lasts up to 6 – 8 weeks depending upon the growth rate of the grass and frequency of mowing, along with other factors.

Is Endurant colorant natural looking?

Endurant is chosen by turf professionals as the most natural looking grass colorant. Endurant line of grass paints specifically match the most common varieties of turfgrass, including Bermuda grass and Perennial Rye grass, among others.
Endurant is the number one choice among professionals due to the superior natural look and is often applied to turf before large TV audiences and professional sporting events, including for use on golf courses, football fields and other athletic fields. Endurant is preferred by homeowners and real estate professionals understanding the importance of curb appeal and the value of gorgeous landscape. See the full line of Endurant turf colorants from Endurant TC, the original blend to the highly concentrated Endurant Premium, Endurant FW and Endurant PR.

Will Endurant harm my lawn?

No. Endurant lawn colorant and grass paint enhance the color of grass without harming the plant, soil, roots or the environment. Endurant will turn even the brownest, driest dead grass to vibrant, healthy, natural green grass.

How long does Endurant last?

Endurant lasts up to 6 to 8 weeks. Endurant is one of the most lasting colorants because of the high quality ingredients. It not only lasts longer but remains a natural green tone over time. The lasting nature depends primarily on how fast the grass is growing and how frequently it is mowed, among other factors.

Have more questions? Here are some of the other questions on our main FAQ page, click here for answers to more frequently asked questions about turf paint and painting lawns.

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