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Fall golf prep: Traditional overseed, liquid overseed or both

It’s never too early to plan. What you do this fall and winter may be less expensive to choose now. There are several considerations to review when choosing whether to leave dormant turf as-is or whether to choose between traditional overseed, liquid overseed or both.

Before and after pictures reveal Endurant liquid overseed transforms dormant turfgrass into lively, healthy looking green grass
Endurant eco-friendly turf colorant applied at Hillwood Country Club provides a vibrant turfgrass transformation during full winter dormancy. Endurant also provides a boost in color when low temperatures cause intermittent browning.

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Turf color that lasts all winter long

The name says it all: Endurant turf colorants provide lasting green color.

How do you get green grass that lasts all winter long? Freezing, snow, drought, dormancy and the grass is still green? Golf course superintendents and sod growers across the country reported their green grass endured a long winter by using Endurant turf color enhancers.

Ground is frozen, but the grass is green

That’s right, it’s well into winter, below freezing and the grass is still green on the golf course. Patrick Reinhardt, the Georgia Southern University Golf Course Superintendent and Georgia Golf Course Superintedents’ Association board member, isn’t the only one pleased to see green this winter. Players and visitors loved a green course from fall through spring.

“27 degrees and we’re still green,” said Reinhardt.

Endurant endures the winter, giving green grass all winter long
Freezing and green. Grass stays green all winter long using Endurant turf colorants on dormant grass. Photo by Georgia Southern University Golf Course Superintendent Patrick Reinhardt, also a Georgia Golf Course Superintendent Association board member.

Endurant often lasts three months or more maintaining a natural green grass color on dormant grass. The lasting nature of Endurant depends upon several factors, particularly the rate of grass growth and the frequency of mowing.

See why Endurant is called Liquid Overseed. Golf courses and dormant turf across the country stayed green all winter long using Endurant turf colorants. Photo by Golf Course Superintendent Patrick Reinhardt.
See why Endurant is called Liquid Overseed. Golf courses and dormant turf across the country stayed green all winter long when applied with Endurant turf colorants. Photo by Golf Course Superintendent Patrick Reinhardt.

Dormant turf does well with Endurant, or “Liquid overseed,” as an alternative to the more costly and resource-demanding practice of overseeding dormant turfgrass. Overseed often requires over-watering, over-fertilizing, and more harsh chemical usage than choosing Endurant turf colorants.

Check out what other Endurant users have said about the lasting winter color:

In several cases, Endurant didn’t just endure the winter, Endurant endured the worst.

Photo by Jason Anderson
We don’t always paint in the snow, but when we do, we use Endurant, and, it lasts all winter long. Photo by Golf Course Superintendent Jason Anderson, Cherokee Country Club, Knoxville, TN

“We’ve painted on frost, dew, and now, snow. Just a dusting and it’s going down great!” exclaimed Jason Sanderson, a golf course superintendent at Cherokee Country Club, located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

While it’s not recommended to paint in the rain, snow, or sleet, especially not your first time using a colorant, some golf course superintendents are hardcore. However, painting turf is very effective after a very light mist, morning dew, or light frost, regardless of experience level. Generally, the lightness of the moisture on the turf is crucial. A heavy downpour would not be effective. The turfgrass surface certainly does not have to be dry to apply Endurant paints. That mild moisture can actually contribute to optimal leaf blade coverage.

Cherokee Country Club was at it again, painting with Endurant in a heavy frost.

Endurant applied in frost.
Endurant turf colorant can be applied when grass is moist such as after a frost or morning dew to assist with an even coverage while also remaining long lasting. Photo by Cherokee Country Club Golf Course Superintendent Jason Sanderson.

Sanderson gave kudos to Endurant turf colorants and to his Assistant Golf Course Superintendent Mike Medley for a lasting, even coverage that kept Cherokee Country Club’s players, members, and guests happy throughout the winter months.

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Getting over it: Endurant versus overseed

Sod growers, sports field managers and golf course superintendents find Endurant turf colorants are a viable solution to use during overseed transitions or instead of overseed entirely

Turfgrass managers choose Endurant turf colorants instead of overseed for economics, aesthetics, and agronomics

Endurant sows seeds of potential for sod growers & other turfgrass professionals

Sod growers love Endurant for revolutionizing their winter sod business. Sod Solutions, innovators in natural grass, along with WinField United Pro, which provides a comprehensive line-up of research based agricultural and farming products, among others, choose Endurant turf colorants as their alternative to overseed.

.#Endurant https://t.co/e2GJAqouCt on winter sod @SodSolutions @winfieldpro #liquidoverseed #landscape #lawn #Turf pic.twitter.com/aVlWbwnZwu

Many turfgrass professionals find Endurant provides better turf, true natural color, and agronomic benefits while decreasing costs and environmental strains caused by overseeding. Overseeding requires more water usage and damage to water sources as overseeding often includes overwatering and over-fertilizing winter turf.

While Endurant turf colorants aren’t really anything new, more and more people in professions including agriculture, golf course management, landscaping, sod farming, real estate, sports field management, and others are learning how helpful Endurant turf color enhancers can be in a variety of conditions, including drought, dormancy, water restrictions, tight budgets, television and filming.

Endurant can be used on dormant turf, actively growing grass, warm season and cool season grasses.

Ask Mr. Wise Grass about Endurant turf colorants

West Coast Turf and their sister company Western Sod have lauded the benefits of Endurant as an alternative to overseed. Mr. Wise Grass is the name of a West Coast Turf blog where a turfgrass pro named Jay posts information on everything you need to know about the best sod and turfgrass for your environment, uses, and budget. He answers common questions regarding issues surrounding grass and more technical issues that can be resolved with years of professional experience.

Here’s what Jay has to say about Endurant turf paint:

This product can be applied to overseeded or dormant turf to give your lawn the same ryegrass color you seeded with. The turf paint serves another purpose besides just providing color. It heats up the plant and will allow for faster spring green up in dormant turf and will help new ryegrass plants fill in any voids from the encroaching bermudagrass during seeding.

Check out more from Mr. Wise Grass.

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Painting turf: Choosing the application rate

Endurant turf colorants come in a variety of shades of green to match the most popular species of turfgrass. Once the color of green is selected, mix ratios and application rates allow for further customization of the final color of the turfgrass.

Check out dozens of photos to see the effect of various application rates using Endurant turf colorants.
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Applying Endurant Turf Paint to Celebration Bermuda practice tee

Applying grass paint to Bermuda tees

Bermuda grass and especially the dark green variety of Celebration Bermuda grass is quite popular. Painting Celebration Bermuda grass with Endurant has long been a popular maintenance strategy among turf grass professionals and golf course superintendents. Painting golf course practice tees with Endurant provides excellent color contrast and playability for a look of instant overseed at less cost economically and environmentally.

Why paint Celebration Bermuda grass with Endurant turf colorant?

  • Endurant turf colorants come in super-concentrated varieties of organic pigments combined with binders made specifically for excellent adherence to turfgrass.
  • The super concentration of dark green color available in the line of Endurant colorants makes Endurant an optimal choice for use on the deep, dark green color that makes Celebration Bermuda grass so popular.
  • Easy to use– all you need is water, Endurant and a sprayer
  • Economical– Endurant is known as liquid overseed at a fraction of the cost of traditional overseed
  • Environmentally sustainable compared with overseeding– which also leads to over-watering and over-fertilizing
  • Long lasting and provides year round green grass even in drought or dormancy
  • Natural green color that fades on tone– meaning the grass stays green and does not fade to an unnatural color

Celebration Bermuda grass is a popular grass for sports fields, golf courses and other places where there is heavy traffic because of its wear tolerance.

Endurant turf colorants provide an excellent replacement to winter ryegrass overseeding of Celebration Bermuda grass and other bermuda grass varieties.

The environmental benefits of using Endurant turf colorant has increased Endurant’s popularity among professionals and homeowners.  Using Endurant leads to green fairways, lush looking lawns and beautified common areas using less water, fewer pesticides, less fertilizer and fewer herbicides versus overseeding.

Golf course superintendents were among the first turf managers to witness the beneftis of using Endurant turf colorants instead of overseeding with ryegrass each winter. As golf courses superintendents found increasing success and Endurant became the turfgrass professional’s top choice, painting home lawns with Endurant is now gaining popularity as well.

This popularity has led to conserving natural resources, spending less money, enhanching the quality of celebration bermudagrass and meeting aesthetic expecations of golf club members, home owners’ associations, athletes and prospective home buyers.

Benefits to painting Celebration Bermuda grass and other warm season grass varieties versus overseeding include fewer mowings while non-overseeded grass is not growing during dormancy; less fuel and labor hours; less wear on equipment, less water; less fertilizer; fall color retention; earlier spring time greenup; fewer disturbances and delays of game.

As celebration Bermuda grass is popular for its deep, dark green color the super-concentrated colorant options provided by Endurant’s super-concentration of organic pigments combined with binders made specifically for excellent adherence to turfgrass make Endurant grass paints an optimal choice for use on Celebration Bermuda.

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Grass paint gets great reviews from local golf course.

Endurant grass paint being applied on a golf tee
Endurant grass paint being applied on a golf tee

“Looks like overseed!” Georgia Golf Course Paints Fairways, Greens and Tees with Endurant liquid overseed. Members and Staff discuss the RESULTS of the NEW PAINTED GREEN GRASS for playability, visual appeal and overall characteristics when compared to traditional overseeding practices.

What golfers, superintendents and golf instructors are saying about using Endurant grass paint for painting dormant greens

Golfer and club member, Sam:

“The green paint contrasting with the dormant Bermuda grass is amazing. It looks like real live grass. It’s like summertime out here. It’s like playing in Scotland without paying $5,000 to get to Scotland.”  

“From a golfer’s perspective, to have contrast, to have a focal point for your drive, it’s really helpful because otherwise, without that, you might go left or right or whatever. But the fact that you can line up from the tee to the fairway given the contrast between the brown dormant Bermuda grass and the green Endurant, just makes for a great visualization and experience.” 

Golf Course Superintendent, Nathan:

“The first thing I see when I step out on the property now are these green fairways instead of the brown Bermuda grass. The color is very natural. That is one of the areas of skepticism I had, is how is it going to look? Right off the bat, I could tell this was the result we were looking for.”

“When golfers pull up and step out of their cars they are amazed at the sight of the fairways being green. They stepped out of their cars and were just in awe at the transformation of this place.” 

Golf professional and instructor, Jeff:

“Compared with overseeding for so many years, for 23 years, painting turf relieves the challenges seen when overseeding and transitioning from the spring to the summer. The transition time with overseed takes time and getting the mowers out there and using them during the winter, our labor costs were relatively high with overseed.”

“We decided not to go with overseeding at all and it was kind of plain looking out there with the dormant grass. With this Endurant product, you’re able to see the landing areas where you want to go.”

“It actually looks like overseed– a little better than overseed because it’s not spotty in places as you often see with overseed.”

“The course is playing a little faster. You’re not seeing the ball stick as much as in an overseeded fairway. You’re seeing more roll out. You’re seeing bigger drives. People are enjoying the game a little better. They have targets, specific targets they can hit to. They’re not questioning whether they’re in the rough or in the fairway. They know they’re in the rough. They know they’re in the fairway because the Endurant turf paint defines it.” 

“I think this is going to be a bigger trend. I think you’re going to see the cost of overseeding and the maintenance is going to be eliminated by using this Endurant product.” 

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Painting Dormant Bermuda Greens with Endurant Turf Paint

Painting dormant grass
Painting dormant grass

See Endurant Turf Paint being applied on Ultradwarf Bermuda Green using a hand gun and Endurant Turf Paint in the video below.

Painting vs overseeding has become the best choice agronomically, economically and environmentally for turf professionals.  There are two main decisions to make when painting dormant Bermuda grass greens:

  1. Choosing the best paint
  2. Selecting the most suitable pumps and sprayers

Choosing the best paint: Endurant liquid overseed

Turf professionals share why Endurant is the best choice. Endurant is the favorite among turf care professionals and golf course superintendents because of Endurant’s natural color, lasting richness, contribution to earlier spring time green up by increasing temperature, ease of use, lack of clogging in pumps and sprayers, ease in blending, earth-friendly aspects, economics, agronomic benefits and aesthetic appeal.

What Golf course superintendents say about using Endurant turf paint on dormant Bermuda grass:

  • “The color is blending well and still looks rich after two months. The Endurant paint looks like a really nice, rich, overseeded green even two months after it’s been painted. The Endurant holds up even as the grass is completely dormant. The color, the darkness and retention is all the paint because of the extreme cold weather we’ve had.” 
  • “We really like Endurant because it retains color and helps the grass green up faster in the spring. We choose agronomy over aesthetics. With Endurant we get both as it looks natural.” 
  • “I really like the Endurant paint. It mixes well, doesn’t clog up and is really nice on our pumps, which we can’t say about a lot of the other paints we’ve tried.”


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