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Study tracks staining of turf colorant on clothes

Kansas State University recently conducted a study on whether turf colorants stained clothes more than untreated grass.

The findings were favorable for Endurant turf colorant users who experience no additional staining on clothes from marks made with grass treated with Endurant versus untreated grass.

Don't let stains delay the game. Endurant turf colorants shown to leave no extra stains when athletes make contact with Endurant turf colorant treated grass.
Don’t let stains delay the game. Endurant turf colorants won’t mark up uniforms the way another top brand does.

Other brands caused more staining to clothes, including some of the top brands.

The field studies of potential clothing blemishes on clothes after athletes contact turfgrass treated with colorants were initiated February 16, 2017.

When athletes make contact with the playing surface, colorants will adhere to the turfgras leaf blades.

Endurant on Zoysia grass
Endurant turf colorant provides a full turfgrass makeover to this zoysia grass. The colorant stays on the field, not on athletes’ uniforms! Before and after photos shared by Landscape Supply.

In some cases though, some colorant brands other than Endurant also blemished clothing and for some brands the blemishing was significantly more than if the grass was left untreated with colorant.

K-State Turfgrass Research published the study in July 2017.

The study was led by Jared A Hoyle and Daniele L McFadden of Kansas State University.

“Effect of Dormant ‘MidIron’ Bermudagrass Colorant Applications on Clothing Blemishing” compared the blemishes created by four brands of turf pigments Endurant Premium left the least amount of blemishing, leaving no more blemishing on clothes than untreated turfgrass.

Sometimes grass stains matter. Endurant turf colorants won't stain clothes like other brand.
Prevent clothes from becoming one big grass stain. Endurant turf colorants won’t stain clothes like other brands, University study finds.

According to the study, a brand called Envy left the most amount of staining on clothing that made contact with turfgrass treated with Envy grass paint.

The objective of the research was to determine if turfgrass pigments and paints blemish athletic clothing after the recommended dry time.

Endurant turf colorants, created by Geoponics, do not cause additional staining to athletes’ clothes when compared with untreated grass.

As many athletes’ clothes are quite expensive, the benefits for teams can be beyond aesthetic and into economic.

We’re proud to share the results of the study.

Review the study by University of Kansas online: “Hoyle, J. and McFadden, Daniele L. (2017) ‘Effect of Dormant ‘MidIron’ Bermudagrass Colorant Applications on Clothing Blemishing,’ Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station Research Reports: Vol. 3: Iss. 4. https://doi.org/10.4148/2378-5977.7151

Review the PDF of the study here:

Effect of Dormant ‘MidIron’ Bermudagrass Colorant Applications on Clothing Blemishing


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Fall golf prep: Traditional overseed, liquid overseed or both

It’s never too early to plan. What you do this fall and winter may be less expensive to choose now. There are several considerations to review when choosing whether to leave dormant turf as-is or whether to choose between traditional overseed, liquid overseed or both.

Before and after pictures reveal Endurant liquid overseed transforms dormant turfgrass into lively, healthy looking green grass
Endurant eco-friendly turf colorant applied at Hillwood Country Club provides a vibrant turfgrass transformation during full winter dormancy. Endurant also provides a boost in color when low temperatures cause intermittent browning.

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NASCAR goes the extra mile with Endurant turf paint

NASCAR got TV ready faster than ever using Endurant grass paint

When it comes to NASCAR, it’s not just the cars that could use some extra paint. NASCAR recently used Endurant turf colorant to rev up for the races.

NASCAR knows how to cover their tracks. Tire tracks went from zero to green in record time using Endurant turf colorant. And watching paint dry is nothing in comparison to waiting for grass to grow in time for the next NASCAR race. When it comes to getting green grass fast, Endurant turf colorant puts the pedal to the metal for a huge acceleration toward beautiful green grass.

Endurant isn’t just fast. It also lasts, up to 3 months, depending upon the rate of growth, mowing, and off track maneuvers from race car drivers.

Shop turf colorants for home lawns, race tracks, athletic fields, golf courses, sod farms, and anywhere grass grows.

Before and after photos using Endurant Premium turf colorant on the NASCAR race track:

Nascar: Before and after Endurant turf colorant
Endurant revs up the NASCAR turf as seen in this before and after photo. Endurant Premium provides a deep, even green color to get the turf and track ready for a stadium full of NASCAR fans. Getting TV-ready just got faster with Endurant turf paint.

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Color enhancing landscapes with New England Arborists

New England pops with color during the fall. Now a tree specialist is looking to keep the region vibrantly colorful throughout more of the year using Endurant color enhancers for turf and mulch.

Endurant colorants provide color throughout New England & throughout the seasons, sprucing up mulch without the risk to plant health of over-mulching & boosting natural turfgrass color for consistency.
Endurant colorants provide color throughout New England & throughout the seasons, sprucing up mulch without the risk to plant health of over-mulching & boosting natural turfgrass color for consistency.

After discovering the wow-factor provided by Geoponics’ line of Endurant colorants, including Endurant turf colorants and Endurant mulch colorants, New England Arborists, a Connecticut-based company, is offering residential and corporate clients ways to keep mulch and turfgrass healthy and color enhanced.

Customers are blown away. It’s like I’m telling them how to get to Mars in 10 minutes. At first, they don’t know what I’m talking about. Then, when they see how Endurant colorants look, the enthusiasm is quite something.  ~Terry Ryan, owner of New England Arborists & NEA Spray

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Before and after pics: Endurant provides lawn makeovers

Endurant lawn makeovers:

  • Provide instant curb appeal
  • Encourage home lawn enjoyment
  • Impress the neighbors (oh c’mon, you know that’s a perk!)
  • Boost home sales prices and property values by as much as 10 percent with a simple landscape improvement, according to Realtor.com 
  • Reduce water irrigation and over-watering, conserving water
  • Reduce fertilizer runoff and usage, protecting waterways
  • Reduce usage of other harsh chemicals, protecting the environment and wildlife
  • Provides a gorgeous green lawn color that is natural-looking
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use

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Lawn paint, colorant, dye or pigment? Varieties explained

Lawn paint, colorant, dye or pigment?

What’s the difference?

When looking to turn your brown lawn to green grass, you have many options. Mostly you want a natural green lawn at a great price that is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Endurant turf colorant is lawn paint that provides natural, lasting, even green color for a vibrant lawn quickly and safely.

The visual, aesthetic appeal of green grass does not require harmful chemicals or excessive water and fertilizer usage. Endurant turf colorants provides the optimal look without the economic and environmental expense.

But what is Endurant turf colorant?

Not all green grass paints, colorants, dyes or pigments are created equally.

Variations in quality on the market today are what have made Endurant turf colorants and lawn paints standout as the choice among professionals and experts in the field of turfgrass management and growth. Turf professionals, event managers, golf course superintendents and athletic field supervisors have been using Endurant for huge televised events and elite golf course properties, among other uses, for many years.

Endurant offers high quality while also being affordable and easy to use for home lawns. Endurant turf colorants and lawn paints cost much less than practices of overseeding, over-watering and over-fertilizing.

Often the words lawn paint, turf colorant, grass dye and turf pigment are used interchangeably but actually the terms have different meanings technically. Endurant green grass paints and lawn colorants are the optimal choice for green grass.

Endurants superiority is best understood by understanding these terms:

Pigment, paint, colorant and dye defined:


A combination of a pigment, a vehicle or base such as water, a binder and a surfactant.


A reactive product that responds to the surface it is used on based on whether each have positive or negative charges. Dye is a water soluble and ionic substance. Dye is generally used in water, turning all of the water the color of the dye and then the object to be colored is submerged into the dye. For practical purposes, a dye in this sense is not used on a surface such as grass, which cannot be submerged into dyed water the way a fabric could be. Application of dye on grass is inconvenient and inconsistent. Spraying a dye would lead to very uneven coloring results.


A general terms used for anything that applies color, including paint, dye, pigments or any other substances that add color to an object.


The dry substance used to create paints and other colorants.

Endurant turf colorant: Lawn paint, dye or pigment. Varieties of turf and grass colorant explained

Endurant is a colorant. More specifically, Endurant is a paint.

We often think of paint for walls or canvas, but Endurant grass paint is made specifically to adhere evenly on grass. Endurant is a water-based paint that contains pigment.

Here’s why Endurant turf colorant and Endurant green grass paint is exactly what you want for turning brown, dormant, dead or patchy uneven colored grass to natural, evenly colored green grass that is vibrant, natural-looking and lasting:

  • Endurant is made with organic pigments. These pigments are selected for superior quality so that when fading occurs, as occurs with all colorants exposed to weather and elements over time, Endurant fades evenly and on tone. Endurant stays green due to the high quality pigments used. Lower quality pigments often fade to blue. Endurant on the other hand retains its natural green color over time.
  • Unlike a dye, such as food coloring, a lawn treated with Endurant during heat and direct sunlight will not burn or be damaged by the frequent combination of dyes being combined with fertilizers—which also damage ground water and can cause environmental harm overtime.
  • Endurant is a paint, which includes pigment, binders and surfactants so the color stays on the specific type of surface it was created for—grass blades. Endurant’s highly specialized binders are made for excellent adherence to grass surfaces specifically. These binders are made to penetrate the turf grass blade’s unique waxy, oily surfaces. Further the binders are enduring- they are specially formulated to last on turfgrass for weeks or even months depending on the frequency of mowing and rate of grass growth, among other factors.
  • Endurant surfactants are specially designed so Endurant spreads evenly on the grass blades and lawn. This even coverage is essential to Endurant’s superiorly natural look.
  • Dye, such as food coloring, would work by dying the soil and the roots of the plant, but would not adhere to the grass surface. Dyes are often mixed with fertilizer, to help green the grass and over fertilizing contributes to contaminated water and stressing grass during heat. Most of all, dyes do not look natural on grass because they cannot produce consistent, reliable results.
  • Lawn dye, when the word dye is used technically in the way described above, does not create a natural green grass color and can produce quite inconsistent results.
  • The high quality nature of Endurant’s binders, surfactants and pigments make Endurant colorants the number one choice for turf professionals, sod growers and especially home lawns. Endurant provides instant curb appeal and a gorgeous look at a fraction of the environmental and economic costs of over-watering and over-fertilizing.
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Applying Endurant Lawn and Turf Paint to Zoysia grass

Applying Endurant Turf Paint to #Zoysia in common areas in south Florida

Benefits of Endurant turf paint include:

  • Natural Color
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Concentrated

Zoysia grass is a popular warm season perennial turf grass variety in coastal areas. Whether zoysia grass is yellowing or experiencing dormancy, Endurant turf colorant provides optimal results on zoysia.

Zoysia grass is a densely growing grass variety that may be slow to green-up in the spring. Zoysia responds to drought by turning brown and going dormant quite quickly. During an absence of rain or irrigation, zoysia grass stays dormant for extended periods of time. Once irrigation or rainfall resumes, zoysia grass will regain its green color. In the mean time, Endurant turf paint is often used to keep the green color of the zoysia grass in the most economical and environmentally friendly way. Endurant turf paint offers the optimal agronomic results on zoysia grass.

Painting dormant warm season grasses such as Zoysia, Bermuda, St. Augustine and Centipede is increasingly popular as a maintenance strategy to keep green grass color of lawns, sports fields and golf courses throughout the year. Painting with Endurant turf colorant is replacing the old maintenance strategy of overseeding. Overseeding is unnecessarily expensive, leads to transition challenges, creates agronomic problems and is less environmentally sustainable when compared with using Endurant turf paint. Furthermore, Endurant turf colorant provides year round aesthetic appeal unmatched by other paint varieties that often fade into unnatural color. Endurant is long lasting and fades on tone– so the grass stays green.

Endurant turf paint is environmentally friendly and eliminates the costly need to overseed lawns and turf grass with cool season grasses such as rye grass.

Benefits to painting Zoysia and other warm season grasses with Endurant include eliminating competition for nutrients and sunlight between the overseeded grass variety and the warm season grass. This competition leads to transition related problems that can be avoided by choosing to paint with Endurant turf colorant versus overseeding.

Fewer maintenance practices, such as mowing, in addition to reducing the usage of harsh chemicals, fertilizers and herbicides are additional benefits of choosing Endurant turf colorant instead of overseeding.

Zoysia grass is a particularly dense warm season grass variety. Endurant’s high concentrations of organic pigments combined with binders made especially for excellent adherence to turfgrass makes Endurant an excellent colorant choice for homeowners, golf course superintendents and lawn maintenance professionals who are seeking optimal aesthetic, agronomic, economic and environmentally sustainable practices.



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Applying Endurant Turf Paint to Celebration Bermuda practice tee

Applying grass paint to Bermuda tees

Bermuda grass and especially the dark green variety of Celebration Bermuda grass is quite popular. Painting Celebration Bermuda grass with Endurant has long been a popular maintenance strategy among turf grass professionals and golf course superintendents. Painting golf course practice tees with Endurant provides excellent color contrast and playability for a look of instant overseed at less cost economically and environmentally.

Why paint Celebration Bermuda grass with Endurant turf colorant?

  • Endurant turf colorants come in super-concentrated varieties of organic pigments combined with binders made specifically for excellent adherence to turfgrass.
  • The super concentration of dark green color available in the line of Endurant colorants makes Endurant an optimal choice for use on the deep, dark green color that makes Celebration Bermuda grass so popular.
  • Easy to use– all you need is water, Endurant and a sprayer
  • Economical– Endurant is known as liquid overseed at a fraction of the cost of traditional overseed
  • Environmentally sustainable compared with overseeding– which also leads to over-watering and over-fertilizing
  • Long lasting and provides year round green grass even in drought or dormancy
  • Natural green color that fades on tone– meaning the grass stays green and does not fade to an unnatural color

Celebration Bermuda grass is a popular grass for sports fields, golf courses and other places where there is heavy traffic because of its wear tolerance.

Endurant turf colorants provide an excellent replacement to winter ryegrass overseeding of Celebration Bermuda grass and other bermuda grass varieties.

The environmental benefits of using Endurant turf colorant has increased Endurant’s popularity among professionals and homeowners.  Using Endurant leads to green fairways, lush looking lawns and beautified common areas using less water, fewer pesticides, less fertilizer and fewer herbicides versus overseeding.

Golf course superintendents were among the first turf managers to witness the beneftis of using Endurant turf colorants instead of overseeding with ryegrass each winter. As golf courses superintendents found increasing success and Endurant became the turfgrass professional’s top choice, painting home lawns with Endurant is now gaining popularity as well.

This popularity has led to conserving natural resources, spending less money, enhanching the quality of celebration bermudagrass and meeting aesthetic expecations of golf club members, home owners’ associations, athletes and prospective home buyers.

Benefits to painting Celebration Bermuda grass and other warm season grass varieties versus overseeding include fewer mowings while non-overseeded grass is not growing during dormancy; less fuel and labor hours; less wear on equipment, less water; less fertilizer; fall color retention; earlier spring time greenup; fewer disturbances and delays of game.

As celebration Bermuda grass is popular for its deep, dark green color the super-concentrated colorant options provided by Endurant’s super-concentration of organic pigments combined with binders made specifically for excellent adherence to turfgrass make Endurant grass paints an optimal choice for use on Celebration Bermuda.

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