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Geoponics: What we do

Geoponics provides environmentally sustainable alternatives to common practices used in sod growing, lawn care, turfgrass management, landscaping, golf course management and sports field maintenance.

Everything we do and provide is with the goal of minimizing the over-use of water, pesticides, fungicides, algaecides, fertilizer and other harmful chemicals. Meanwhile, Geoponics’ products provide optimal results for healthy soil and plants, gorgeous aesthetics for colorful landscapes, as well as economical options for nearly all budget levels of managing turfgrass and lawns.


Great landscapes, like brilliant lives, burst with color. We’ve got you colored.  Read More

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Superintendents win battle of the bunkers with SoilGlue

Don’t let bunkers driver you bonkers.

Save money and maintenance time using SoilGlue instead.

Bunkers and sand traps require an often under-appreciated amount of maintenance effort. SoilGlue provides soil and sand stabilization, minimizing erosion. SoilGlue reduces bunker maintenance costs while increasing aesthetics.

SoilGlue.com Soil Glue stabilizes soil and with colorant, makes for easy bunker sand trap maintenance.
Soil Glue stabilizes soil, and, with or without colorant, makes for easy bunker and sand trap maintenance.

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