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How to reduce lawn stress in the summer

Heat stress can lead to brown grass and a dry lawn. And, much like people, a stressed lawn and garden is in need of a deep “breath” of oxygen. Proper hydration, or water management, is also key to a lawn and landscape that handles summer heat well.

How to Reduce Summer Lawn Stress
Keep lawns happy this summer. Learn how to reduce lawn stress. (Image from Lawn Wranglers)

Summer would seem the perfect time for a green lawn. Yet often too much heat, not enough oxygen and either too much or too little water at the roots cause stress and brown grass. Here are expert tips on how to reduce lawn stress in the summer so you can get that healthy green lawn you desire. Read More

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Geoponics: What we do

Geoponics provides environmentally sustainable alternatives to common practices used in sod growing, lawn care, turfgrass management, landscaping, golf course management and sports field maintenance.

Everything we do and provide is with the goal of minimizing the over-use of water, pesticides, fungicides, algaecides, fertilizer and other harmful chemicals. Meanwhile, Geoponics’ products provide optimal results for healthy soil and plants, gorgeous aesthetics for colorful landscapes, as well as economical options for nearly all budget levels of managing turfgrass and lawns.


Great landscapes, like brilliant lives, burst with color. We’ve got you colored.  Read More

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National Strawberry Day: Celebrate the organic way

February 27 is National Strawberry Day

Celebrate by growing healthy strawberries using Carbotein

Carbotein National Strawberry Day
Strawberries, and other crops, benefit from the use of Carbotein, a collection of organic vegetable extracts that increase plant health and yields. www.Carbotein.com

What better way to celebrate strawberries than growing the best possible fruits?

If you’re growing strawberries, you will want to know that Carbotein (www.Carbotein.com) is among the favorite foods for strawberries.  Carbotein is a collection of organic vegetable extracts that lead to powerful positive effects on plant growth.

Of course it’s a matter of taste, but many people think wild and organic strawberries are the sweetest. Carbotein is a preferred plant food among organic, veganic, and hydroponic growers for increasing growth yields of turf, crops, flowers, and fruits, including, of course, strawberries. Farmers and gardeners find that growing strawberries with Carbotein can yield even sweeter, faster, and larger crops, with boosts from nature. (Interested in organic gardening? Check out Cancer patients’ organic garden of hope and healing powered by Geoponics.)

Carbotein is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Plants treated with Carbotein include turf grass, ornamental shrubs, trees, and agricultural crops, such as flowers, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, radishes, beans, wheat, corn, tomatoes, cotton, rice, barley, fruit trees and others.

Carbotein is applied to soil and can be easily combined with other soil nutrient programs.

More about strawberries and National Strawberry Day:

  • Strawberries aren’t actual berries because the seeds are on the outside of the fruit.
  • Each strawberry contains about 200 seeds.
  • Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries aren’t berries, but bananas are berries.
  • Each American eats an average of 3.5 pounds of strawberries each year.
  • Strawberries were used in medicine in many cultures, including Romans and Native Americans. The roots of wild strawberries, for example, are still boiled today among some Native Americans and others to treat digestive disorders and kidney stones.
  • You can include strawberry tops and leaves in your smoothies for boosted nutrition and digestive benefits.
  • National Strawberry Day is among more than 1,200 national days.

Tips for growers:

  • Only pick strawberries when ripe. They do not ripen off the plant like some other fruits.
  • Strawberries bruise easily, so don’t overpack your basket.
  • It’s best to pick strawberries on cool, cloudy days, especially if they’re not eaten right away.

Happy National Strawberry Day!

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