Get the best results with Endurant by following these guidelines:

Whether painting dormant turf, dead grass or actively growing grass, the application method will be almost the same. However, application rates may vary. 

Remove any debris from the grass. Turfgrass may be damp or dry upon application. Endurant may be applied when dew is present. 

Actively growing grass should be mowed prior to application. 

Large areas of turfgrass may be best suited for backpack sprayers instead of hand pumps. This will provide more even coverage as well. Even larger areas, such as golf courses, can use their spray rigs. 

Color lasts up to three months. This length of time is dependent most of all on whether grass is growing and the colorant will be mowed off. Or, if the grass is dormant. 

Dormant grass has temporarily stopped or significantly slowed growth. Dead grass is dead through the root zones and cannot be brought back to life. If grass is still growing, it is not dormant or dead, then mowing will remove the painted surface over time. 

Either way, Endurant Turf Colorants offer a lively green color with multiple shades offered in the Endurant line. Additional applications will be required if the lawn is being mowed. Fewer cuts will extend the time between applications. 

What you need: Garden pump sprayer or battery powered backpack sprayer, Endurant Turf Colorant in your desired shade of green and water. Garden style pump sprayers are sold at most home improvement stores.

Application rates and mix ratios may vary based on your current grass condition and the desired results. Follow application rates on the bottle, mixing in a garden sprayer. Do not over-dilute the colorant or it may not stay on the grass due to over-diluting the binder. 

General guidelines for rates are to mix 8 ounces of Endurant with 1 gallon of water to cover 250 to 350 square feet. Or, mix at a ratio of 15:1. Mix and shake well, following all directions on the label. 

Tips for application: Using the finest mist setting helps reduce waste and promote even coverage. Also, spraying in more than one direction minimizes streaking and is a technique used for optimal even coverage of colorant. Experiment with a small spot to find your desired depth of color, shade and mix ratio. 

Precautions: Carefully apply Endurant to edges to avoid concrete, pavers, fences or other areas near the lawn. Prevent overspray onto areas such as sidewalks, cement, brick, wood, other plants or any surrounding areas you do not want painted by masking the area off or using the Endurant Wheel Sprayer or edging wheel. 

If accidental overspray occurs, immediately clean the area. A window cleaner or wire brush may help for tough stains.

Avoid applying Endurant turf paint in windy conditions.

Prevent staining by wearing gloves and other protective clothing.

Dry time: Turf grass will dry in about 60 minutes. For best results wait at least an hour after spraying before walking on the grass to prevent tracking.

How to paint grass. Guidelines for professionals.

Actively growing grass: Endurant TE is the optimal choice for actively growing grass. This super concentrated colorant is most commonly used at a rate ranging from 16 to 32 ounces per acre. Fewer cuts or mows lead to longer lasting color as turf grows. Endurant TE is often used during spring green up through the return of dormancy in fall and to keep a consistent year round green in all seasons. Endurant TE is a pigment with a bright, lively shade of green that complements grass that has some chlorophyll already.

Grass in Transition: When grass is in transition, Endurant Flex is the optimal choice. Endurant Flex may also be used on actively growing grass when a darker shade than that of Endurant TE is preferred. Flex is great for any transition, whether stage of growth, season or transitioning between grass species. This dark, rich green pigment is particularly popular for use on athletic fields, in combination with Spray n Stay for extra staying power. Flex is often the colorant of choice in fall and spring.

Dormant or semi dormant turf: Endurant Paints, including Premium, Perennial Rye and Fairway are the optimal choices for grasses when they are dormant. Endurant Premium (P+) and Endurant Fairway (FW,) are shades often selected for cool season grasses or Bermuda grass. Endurant FW is the darkest and is selected for those who prefer dramatic results. Endurant PR is a shade of green optimal for warm season grasses. These concentrated colorants are commonly used at application rates ranging from 3 to 8 gallons per acre, depending upon desired color depth and current turf color and conditions. They are all mixed at rates of 15:1, or 15 parts water to one part paint.

Before spraying:

  • Calibrate spray rig (if applicable)
  • Remove debris from turf
  • Maintain a turf height close to 1 inch if possible. Lower dense turf colors best.
  • Select colorant to complement color of natural growing turf.
  • When selecting color, keep in mind, chlorophyll in the leaf blade will add to the color depth of Endurant. So if the turf goes into dormancy, the loss of chlorophyll can lead to an apparent loss of color.

Weather considerations:

  • Applying colorant when dew and frost are on the leaf blades can lead to more consistent color coverage. But applying on a dry leaf blade is acceptable as well.
  • Avoid using colorant in windy conditions.
  • Avoid painting when rain is forecasted within 8 hours.

Equipment and best management practices:

  • Stir colorant prior to mixing.
  • A 15:1 water to color ratio or less should be maintained.
  • Pump pressure should be in the 40-60 PSI range.
  • GPA rate of mix 40-55 GPA.
  • A dual cradle with .008 or .006 nozzles is preferred.
  • A 110” nozzle angle with 20” spacing is adequate, but 10” spacing will cover best.
  • Adjust boom height between 12-20” from the turf.
  • Spraying in two directions can eliminate streaks (not necessary with 10” spacing).
  • Centrifugal pumps may require an oil seal replacement from ceramic to steel (NAPA seal).
  • Colorant mix should be re-circulated or stirred constantly if possible.