Turf Paints

Home Lawn Blend

Endurant Home Lawn Blend is turf colorant packaged for easy home use. It is a concentrated grass paint that comes in a convenient 8 oz bottle ideal for most home lawns.

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Green Again Pro

If a good dog is making for a bad lawn, Green Again Pro can help. Apply this ready-to-use grass paint on pet urine spots or other discolored areas for instant color repair. Green Again Pro repairs yellow or brown grass. So, your lawn looks good and green again in seconds.

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Endurant Premium

Endurant Premium Turf Colorant by Geoponics is one of the Endurant line’s most popular colors. It is a medium tone of green when compared with the others in the line. Endurant Perennial Rye is lighter than Endurant Premium and Endurant Fairway is darker.

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Endurant Perennial Rye

A popular color in the Endurant Turf Colorant line by Geoponics is the Endurant Perennial Rye. This highly concentrated turf paint comes in a lighter shade of green. It offers a full coverage color in a warmer shade that is lighter than both Endurant Premium and Endurant Fairway.

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Endurant Fairway

Endurant Fairway by Geoponics is the darkest turfgrass colorant in the Endurant line. It is used by people who enjoy dramatic results.

Endurant Fairway is most commonly used on cool season grasses and rarely used on warm season grasses. However, some people do use Endurant Fairway on bermudarass, which is a warm season grass that often grows with a cool tone.

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