Aquaveil Pond Colorant

Beautify Your Pond with Aquaveil Pond Dye

Aquaveil Is Available in Everglades Black and Carolina Midnight Blue

Give a cloudy, brown or green pond a new attractive reflective pond color with Aquaveil.

Aquaveil pond colorant changes your pond color from gross to gorgeous.

Aquaveil makes pond maintenance easy, fast and affordable.

Turn muddy looking ponds into sparkling, natural blue or black water quickly. Aquaveil is available in Everglades Black or Carolina Midnight Blue. These two natural looking colors will add contrast and beautification to your landscape, whichever you choose.

Benefits of Aquaveil

  • Decrease algae over-growth by slowing down photosynthesis
  • Reduce sunlight
  • May provide cover for fish from prey due to the reflective surface 
  • Beautifies ponds, lakes and other water features in the landscape
  • Diminishes cloudy, murky-looking pond water
  • Adds contrast and reflective surface to pond water 
  • Provides beautiful, natural pond color
  • Reduces growth of aquatic weeds
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Long lasting

Aquaveil enhances the natural blue or black of your pond, lake or other water feature and has the added benefit of shielding some ultra-violet rays and reducing photosynthesis.

Aquaveil minimizes the sunlight penetrating to the pond’s bottom, where algae, scum and other unattractive murky elements originate. The sun helps these organisms grow beyond desired amounts.

Aquaveil lasts up to six months, depending on rainfall and other weather conditions.

How to Use Aquaveil

  • Apply at the rate of 1 gallon of Aquaveil per 1 surface acre of water 4 feet deep*
  • Apply in several different locations to ensure even dispersion of pond colorant
  • Protect from staining hands by wearing gloves
  • For optimal use, apply early in the spring season before aquatic weeds and algae become established

*How to calculate your pond’s volume in acre feet

Step one

Calculate the pond’s surface area in acres 

  • For rectangular or egg-shaped ponds, measure the length and measure the width in feet. Then, multiply the length by its width. Divide that figure by 43,560. 
  • If your pond is circular, measure the total distance in feet around the shoreline. Then, multiply this number by itself (for example, if it’s 100 feet, multiply it by 100). Then, divide that figure by 547,390. 

Step two

Calculate the pond’s depth in feet 

- What is the average depth of the pond in feet? If unknown, take measurements spaced uniformly over the entire pond. 

- Add these together and then divide by the number of measurements taken. This will give the average pond depth in feet. 

Final step

Calculate the pond volume in acre-feet 

Now, multiply the surface area in acres from step one by the average depth in feet from step two. 

The result equals the volume of your pond in acre-feet. 


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