Endurant Fairway

An Ultra Concentrated Turfgrass Paint by Geoponics

Endurant Fairway by Geoponics is the darkest turfgrass colorant in the Endurant line. It is used by people who enjoy dramatic results.

Endurant Fairway is most commonly used on cool season grasses and rarely used on warm season grasses. However, some people do use Endurant Fairway on bermudarass, which is a warm season grass that often grows with a cool tone.

Endurant Fairway is called Endurant FW or FW for short. It was designed for use on golf course fairways, just as the name implies. But it is often used on lawns and sports fields as well.

Why Choose Endurant Fairway?

Endurant Fairway is most often chosen for a dark or even “see it from the moon” look. It is used on grass that will look best in a deep, dark, bright shade of green. It has a cool tone to it and for this reason is suggested for mostly cool season grasses or bermudagrass when the darkest shade of green is desired.

FW makes a great alternative to overseed or on other occasions where dark green grass is desired. It can help attain green grass in drought. Like other Endurant colorants it is often used to decrease dependence on overseed, overwatering and over-fertilizing. It looks great on dormant grass or brown, drought stricken grass.

Which Grass Species Coordinate Best with Endurant Fairway?

Endurant Fairway is most often chosen for use on cool season grass species and bermudagrass when a dark result is desired.

The common cool season grasses for coordination with Endurant FW include fescue, bluegrass, ryegrass and bentgrass. Endurant Premium is sometimes considered the first choice or most common choice for these species. FW is the second most common choice. For a full review of the colorants and which species they are used with most see this post.


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