Endurant Flex

Endurant Flex is a pigment specially formulated for use on turfgrass during actively growing phases and through transitions. Flex is similar to Endurant's popular TE (Turf Enhancer) in that it's a pigment made for actively growing grass. However, Flex has a new darker, richer color than TE.

Why Flex Your Turf

First, the Flex Your Turf means to show it off. This colorant is the ideal selection for providing optimal turf appearance during seasonal transitions and in transition zones, among other application purposes. Endurant Flex provides a natural green grass color that falls on the spectrum between the green peel of a lime and that of a deep pine, providing a shade between that of bermudagrass and perennial rye grass. This color tone makes Endurant Flex particularly ideal for transitions of these and other turfgrass species during the process of overseed, as well as for other growing and maintenance purposes.

Transitions don't have to be challenging. Geoponics, the maker of Endurant, encourages growers to Flex your turf, showing off the best looking grass all year long.

Endurant Flex is used for multiple turfgrass applications, and often used during transitions, whether applied to transition zones or during transitions between seasons. Flex optimizes affordability of a rich-toned pigment, making it ideal as a colorant used for blending turfgrass species and growth stages, particularly when turfgrass is going from actively growing to semi-dormant. Flex is applied at rates of 32 to 128 ounces per acre.

When used on athletic fields, this pigment is often paired with Spray n Stay for extra binder needed in high surface friction sports.

Rates: 32-128 oz per acre. Rate depends on height of cut as well as depth of shade desired.


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