Endurant Mulch Colorant: Black

The Black shade of Endurant Mulch Colorant is the second most popular. It often adds high contrast to a landscape.

Endurant Black Mulch Colorant can be used to add contrast. It can be applied to all types of mulch, including bark and bark nuggets. 

A dark color like black mulch may add some degree of warmth to the ground. So, keep in mind the benefits and drawbacks. In a very hot climate or in high sun area, you may not want to draw heat with a black colorant. In a cooler or shaded area, you may. 

When choosing your color consider whether you want the mulch to remain the same color as what you had when it was new. Or, if you would like to vary it. Consider contrast or coordination. Black is likely to add contrast. Black mulch looks great around green foliage and gray painted houses. Black mulch really pops. It can look amazing as the backdrop to not only green but also to vibrant colorful flower beds.

Black is the coolest color. So, while black does go with everything, it also can be a color of choice in a cool toned aesthetic. 

Like brown mulch, black can be appealing because it can look like rich soil from a distance.


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