Endurant Mulch Colorant: Cypress Red

Cypress Red is very popular in some areas of the U.S. and world, but not so much in others. It definitely adds color to a landscape. Endurant Cypress Red Mulch Colorant can be especially pleasing in a landscape that doesn’t have as many flowers to add that pop of color to the green and brown that may already exist. 

Cypress Red is by far the warmest of the colorant and it looks great with warm colors. It can be  a gorgeous coordinate with terra cotta, gold and other warm tones on a property. 

Cypress Red also is desired for use with yellow flowers, though all the colorants can look great with any flower. 

Endurant Cypress Red Mulch colorant will still break down and provide the desired nutrients to the soil. And, it will look good while doing so. 

Also like the other colorants in the Endurant Landscape Colorant line, Endurant Cypress Red can be blended with other colors. Use it to add a shade of red to a brown or pine straw if you like. 

The benefits of Endurant Cypress Red Mulch Colorant are much like the other colorants. Continue to improve the health of the soil and plants with the break down of the mulch. Save on labor and expense by not overloading layers of mulch. Overloading mulch more than the recommended 3 inches is also not healthy for plants. Further, you can save trees by adding a bit of nontoxic color instead of layering on more mulch or bark. 


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