Endurant Perennial Rye

An Ultra Concentrated Turf Paint by Geoponics

A popular color in the Endurant Turf Colorant line by Geoponics is the Endurant Perennial Rye. This highly concentrated turf paint comes in a lighter shade of green. It offers a full coverage color in a warmer shade that is lighter than both Endurant Premium and Endurant Fairway.

Which Grass Types Coordinate Best with Endurant Perennial Rye?

Endurant Perennial Rye is perhaps paradoxically not the first colorant of choice used on perennial rye grass. Though some people do of course use PR on rye grass. Most use Premium for that. Instead, Endurant Perennial Rye, called PR for short, is used on warm season grasses.

Endurant PR is often the first colorant shade of choice for St. Augustine, zoysia, centipede, bahiagrass and kikuyugrass.

Endurant PR can be used on any grass type or any stage of grass growth, whether active, dormant or in between. The suggestions are just based on most common preferences.

Why Use Endurant PR Turf Colorant?

Endurant PR is an ultra-concentrated grass paint. So, it is particularly helpful for use on completely dormant grass. However, it can also be used on actively growing grass or when in transition, if preferred. Some people would lean toward use of a pigment, such as Endurant Turf Enhancer (TE) or the hybrid pigment-paint, Endurant Flex (FX), though, if the grass is not dormant. This is partially because if grass is still growing, then the paint will get mowed off. A pigment is more economical to use for these situations.

Endurant PR is often used instead of overseed or to manage drought, fungus or other common turfgrass challenges. In Florida, where fungus on the zoysia is common, Endurant PR can help users to save on the use of fungicides and/or have grass looking better while the fungus is mitigated.


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