Endurant Pine Straw Colorant

Pine Straw is a shade of colorant in the Endurant Mulch Colorant line that can be used on any mulch but does of course coordinate best with pine straw. Pine straw is a great ground cover because it breaks down more slowly than other mulch varieties. It has a very particular color, although that color can vary as well as change and fade over time. 

Endurant Pine Straw Mulch Colorant is particularly popular in the southern U.S. However, it is often used throughout the country where pines and the pine straw these trees shed are plentiful. Pine straw is also a commodity used everywhere for some of the benefits it brings when compared with heavier mulches that are more prone to erosion. 

People often choose pine straw because it is light weight and yet the pine straw needles hold in place well. They are often used on slopes but almost anywhere in a landscape where ground cover is desired. Pine straw is recommended for use with acid-loving plants including azaleas, hydrangeas, magnolias, rhododendrons, conifers and blueberries. Other acid loving garden staples work great with pine straw, such as the herbs parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme

Like all mulch varieties, pine straw insulates soil from temperature extremes, moisture loss and erosion from wind and rain. Pine straw also decreases soil compaction and promotes favorable soil conditions for healthy root growth. Since pine straw does not float and wash out of beds like other mulches, it is a preferable choice in many areas. It can be particularly popular in areas with heavy rains because it often sustains them, with the pine needles settling back into place when the rain drains away. That may be one reason why pine straw and thus Endurant Pine Straw Mulch Colorant is particularly popular in places like Florida. 

In any case, the unique natural colorant is a great choice for reviving your landscape. 

Natural pine straw often retains its color for 6 to 9 months before it may start to look drab. Replenish the look with this warm toned, slightly orange brown pine straw colorant by Endurant, a foremost respected brand in landscape colorants. 


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