Endurant Turf Enhancer

Endurant Turf Enhancer (TE) is a super concentrated pigment created for use on turf with chlorophyll present. The color is specifically blended to complement an actively growing leaf blade. TE is the perfect, affordable & simple choice for consistent color during the entire growing season from spring transition until fall dormancy approaches.

TE is an excellent tool to implement into your regular spray program.

Applying Endurant TE

TE may be applied biweekly or as needed, dependent on desired color depth for instant color enhancement. TE is a user friendly colorant option that can often be tank mixed together with planned applications following standard order of addition regarding pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers, eliminating the need for additional sprays to simply provide color.
Rates - 8-24 ounces per acre are the label recommended rates.

Application Frequency - Biweekly applications are common and color loss is dependent on frequency of growth and mowing. Increase or decrease rates and frequency to achieve desired color depth. Turf conditions, equipment calibration & desired depth of color causes rates to vary according to the end users preference.

Care - Clean tank with water and/or tank cleaner according to pesticide manufacturer instructions of applicable.


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