Endurant Wheel Sprayer

This Endurant Wheel Sprayer, which is a Dual Tip Spray Gun, is recommended by Geoponics for application of Endurant turf colorants. It can eliminate time spent applying the colorant and increase professional appearance by creating great edges.

Like cutting in a wall with house paint, it can be easy for a new painter to accidentally hit the ceiling with their paint accidentally. This spray wheel is the tool that prevents grass paint from being applied accidentally to edges such as concrete, sidewalks, driveways, pavers or any edge where turf colorant is not desired.

Benefits of Using the Endurant Edging Wheel Sprayer

  • Increases professional appearance of colorant application.
  • Saves time on painting a lawn. 
  • Diminishes odds of getting paint in undesired area, preventing damage. 
  • Allows lawn care professionals and landscapers to earn more business. 
  • Allows lawn professionals to get more properties complete in a day.

  • For even more details on the Endurant Edging Wheel Sprayer visit here.


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