Green Again Pro

Ready to Use Grass Paint

Available in Cool or Warm Season Shades

If a good dog is making for a bad lawn, Green Again Pro can help. Apply this ready-to-use grass paint on pet urine spots or other discolored areas for instant color repair. Green Again Pro repairs yellow or brown grass. So, your lawn looks good and green again in seconds.

It is safe for children and pets to resume play once dry.

Green Again Pro is the discerning homeowner’s dream. It’s a great tool for a realtor to keep on hand or a pet owner to keep nearby. Whether it’s a dry spot, a fungus or a pet urine spot, Green Again Pro can quickly turn the grass green again. It lasts for 6 to 8 weeks, and even up to 3 months, or more, when grass isn’t growing. And often, brown grass is not growing.

Use Green Again Pro to perfect the look of the lawn and gain curb appeal. Meanwhile, you may choose to address the causes for a longer term approach as well. Get the grass looking great right away while you work out issues such as water, oxygen, soil pH or other causes, if you like.

Green Again Pro is available in two shades. Green Again Pro Cool Season is, as you might guess, ideal for cool season grasses. These are grasses that are cooler in tone. Warm Season grasses are the warmer tones. Cool season is a bit darker and warm season brighter, lighter or more yellow. (Need help deciding which is your grass type, see here. what-is-the-best-colorant-for-your-grass-type/)

Do not spray Green Again Pro anywhere you don’t want the color. This color may dry quickly or absorb quickly on a porous surface. So, either be careful directing the spray or mask off any areas. You may choose to wear gloves and shoes or clothes coverings, as desired for protection from colorant. If you pre-wet a nearby surface, it will be even easier to wash away with water.

It doesn’t get much easier than Green Again Pro to get a perfect lawn. If you need to cover a larger area, consider the other paints in the Endurant line, whether it’s 8 oz Home Lawn Blend or one gallon paints


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