Endurant HazMark is a multipurpose marking paint made with bright pigments to create lines, shapes and visual locators for utilities, striping athletic fields, golf hazards, and other uses. It is suitable for use on turfgrass, soil, pavement, gravel and other surfaces, lasting up to three months. Hazmark is available in red, yellow and white.

Endurant Hazmark is named after its popular use to mark hazard areas, including water hazards, on a golf course. Hazmark is used for marking utility areas, construction, turfgrass and sports industries.

It is combined with excellent binders for long lasting adherence. Instead of using aerosol spray cans and reapplying frequently, Endurant Hazmark is sprayed without aerosol. Hazmark lasts up to three months, depending on conditions. HazMark can be mixed with other products, such as growth regulators, which keep the grass from growing quickly, and thus, Hazmark may last even longer, eliminating the repeated use of multiple cans and labor involved in reapplication.

Rates & Application

• Mix at a rate of 10:1, water to Hazmark.

• Apply product with spray equipment to paint desired line or shape on turf, soil, or other surface.

• Allow to dry two to three hours to avoid tracking.


  • Long lasting color.
  • Bright visual appeal.
  • Made with powerful binders.
  • Decreases waste compared with spray can applications. - Environmentally beneficial compared with aerosol brands. - Economical.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Fast dry time.
  • Decreases need for frequent re-application.


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