Home Lawn Blend

Endurant Home Lawn Blend is turf colorant packaged for easy home use. It is a concentrated grass paint that comes in a convenient 8 oz bottle ideal for most home lawns.

Endurant Home Lawn colorant can be used on dormant turf grass that is brown due to the season but is still alive. Endurant lawn colorant can also be used on actively growing grass, brown grass, drought-stricken grass, pet urine stains, patchy brown lawns, dry grass or anywhere optimal natural green grass color is desired.

Treat your lawn in the morning and by the afternoon you’ll be grilling steaks and stunning guests with rich, lush country club-worthy grass.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal even during fall and winter months with a lawn that looks healthy and alive.

Lawn Paint Preparation:

Get enough colorant. You will need 8 oz. per 500 to 700 square feet. For larger lawns, consider 1 gallon jugs of Endurant paint, such as Premium, PR, or Fairway. [Include links to each]

Mow lawn to desired height. Clean surface of any debris.

Cover any areas you wouldn’t want any accidental overspray. Consider using cardboard if needed. Pre-wet concrete or stone edges to make any accidental overspray easier to cleanup. If overspray or a spill does occur, rinse immediately while still wet, with water. Do not allow it to dry on the surface or soak into the surface.

Mixing the Colorant:

Mix 8 oz (236ml) of Endurant Home Lawn Blend with 1 gallon (3.78L) of water to cover approximately 500 to 700 sq. ft.


Use a handheld pump sprayer for small areas. Adjust garden sprayer to a conical fine mist spray pattern to reduce waste and promote even coverage. Or, use a battery operated backpack sprayer for larger areas, faster application and more even coverage.

Apply from back fo the lawn to front of the lawn to avoid stepping on wet paint. Some people find applying in circular motions will promote even coverage of the leaf blade more than a sweeping or back and forth motion. You may test with water, spraying it on concrete, to see the spray pattern generated. This may assist with accuracy and neatness for first time users.

After Application:

Endurant Home Lawn Blend dries quickly. Wait about 60 minutes for it to be dry to the touch, dependent upon weather. Allow more time to dry for pets and children to resume play on the surface. Avoid rain within 24 hours of application if possible, but at least allow four hours to dry. High humidity and low temperatures can increase dry times.

Expect Endurant to last for 6 to 8 weeks and even up to 3 months or more. How long Endurant lasts is largely dependent on the grass’s growth rate and frequency of mowing. Weather and other conditions will have some effect as well.

For small spot treatments, see a similar product for home use, Green Again Pro, which comes in a ready-mixed spray bottle.


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