Spray n Stay

Spray n Stay extends the staying of Endurant Landscape Colorants. Make Endurant last even longer in high surface pressure situations, such as tackle football.

Endurant Spray n Stay is often used in sports applications or wherever there is expected to be high friction or high foot traffic on turf grass. This extra binder, or "sticker," as some people call it, provides even stronger staying power of colorant to turf and other surfaces.


Spray n Stay is highly recommended if application rates of colorants, pigments, dyes or paints have been diluted with more water. It or can be applied separately after an application of Endurant has dried or mixed in when applying Endurant colorants. Spray n Stay can be added any time additional staying power is needed, such as in high traffic areas; high friction situations; sports fields applications, such as football and soccer; high pet traffic; or areas subject to more drastic weather conditions, such as high amounts of snow, rain or winds.

Product Benefits

  • Increases staying power of Endurant colorant mixes that have been diluted
  • Decreases grass staining on uniforms and pets
  • Increases durability of colorant in severe weather
  • Ensures maximum lasting color

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