Grass paints for lawn repair

Drought, dry lawn, fertilizer burn– whatever the woe, green grass paints provide a solution. Get a beautiful green lawn while minimizing fertilizer, water and chemical usage.

Green grass paints reduce common lawn repair costs while also reducing chemical usage and water. Results with Endurant green grass paints are instant and last up to three months depending upon the rate of grass growth, frequency of mowing and other factors. Eco-friendly lawn repair made easy with a one-gallon garden sprayer and Endurant lawn paint.

How to fix brown, dry, patchy lawns with grass paints

Endurant green lawn paint can help cover heat stress, urine stains or other chemical burns.

Buy grass paint as an economical alternative to replacing sod or adding seed. Professional landscapers, turfgrass managers and golf course superintendents have used Endurant turf colorants for years to keep grass consistently green throughout the seasons, ready for HD (high-definition) TV, fit for tournament play, ideal for curb appeal and to minimize reliance on over-watering, over-fertilizing and over-seeding.

For turf professionals the shift from over-seeding warm season grasses in the winter with rye grass has meant a drastic reduction in over-watering and environmentally harmful chemicals, particularly herbicides, as well as reducing the use of fertilizers. This alternative means of handling winter turfgrass dormancy with colorant saves money compared with overseed while also reducing the negative environmental impact, particularly to potential water contamination as well as water usage.

Homeowners seeking eco-friendly ways to maintain their yards, gardens and landscapes look to colorants when xeriscape or lawn removal is not an option. Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) or other reasons may prohibit removal or replacement of a lawn, but dry, brown, patchy grass is also not a viable option. Endurant green grass paints provide an eco-friendly option for lawn care.

Lawn repair is an economical home improvement, improving curb appeal and real estate sales values by as much as 10 percent, according to lawn and landscape improvement data reported on Using Endurant is one of the most economical lawn repair options available.

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