Breathe life into soil with Agriox

If there is one thing you cannot have too much of in soil, it is oxygen. Agriox is more efficient than physical aerification processes because air doesn’t provide as much oxygen as Agriox can provide. Together, physical aeration techniques complemented by Agriox’s increased soil oxygen, leads to optimal spring time green up and healthy turf.

As many sod growers and golf course superintendents experienced a setback in spring greenup and growth due to late March frosts, Agriox is helping turf professionals nationwide more than ever.

Agriox is best applied in spring, but also as a monthly preventative maintenance program to maintain plant and soil health while minimizing black layer and the future need for more environmentally harmful chemical algaecides. Agriox is the solution for correcting and preventing anaerobic soils.

Agriox is particularly helpful when turf has been over-fertilized or over-watered, whether due to faulty irrigation, improper maintenance programs, heavier or frequent rains or other common conditions that lead to anaerobic soils.

Often after applying Agriox, turf maintenance crews, sod growers and golf course superintendents will experience a pop in color and spurt in growth as Agriox helps to release the nutrients and fertilizer that had been tied up in the soil.

Providing life sustaining oxygen for anaerobic soil with Agriox quickly restores soil and plant health inexpensively. Continued application with monthly maintenance programs leads to sustained soil and plant health.

Agriox: A breath of fresh air for anaerobic soil
Agriox is a favorite among golf course superintendents, as seen here being applied to approaches. Superintendents find the increase in soil oxygen reduces the need for costly & environmentally harmful fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides due to increased soil health and plant sustainability. Here Agriox is being applied with Penterra, the fastest-acting soil surfactant chosen when water needs to be moved through the soil.

Agriox & Geoponics’ Soil Surfactants work well together¬†for optimal soil & plant health, water conservation

Agriox is often combined with a soil surfactant for optimal water management, particularly if water management is a contributing cause to the anaerobic conditions. When the water needs to be moved through the soil profile, Penterra is the fastest-acting soil surfactant on the market.

When there is a shortage of water, ProfaSorb is the best complementary soil surfactant as it helps to retain water in the soil. ProfaSorb is the most highly concentrated surfactant in its class on the market today and thus is often ideal for covering large areas, such as fairways, because it is extremely economical and effective. ProfaSorb also improves soil and plant health longterm while providing an immediate solution to dry conditions. ProfaSorb does not have to be watered in to be effective. It will not burn leaf blades if applied without watering and ProfaSorb maintains its efficacy.

Humawet is also used for retaining moisture. Like all of Geoponics soil surfactants and soil penetrants, it is much more than just a surfactant. As the name implies, Humawet includes humates and the million-year-old organic matter in Humawet makes it one of the most effective single additions to turf management for sustainability, water conservation and health of the soil and plants.

HydraHawk is uniquely one of the most effective soil surfactants with longterm added soil and plant health benefits while being eco-friendly. HydraHawk is made with natural plant extract ingredients that you can feel good about using on the earth.

Agriox and Geoponics’ wetting agents & soil surfactants are the most economical, due particularly to being the most concentrated products of their class on the market.

Several of Geoponics products are made specifically for professional use and others have also become available to general consumers. Contact your sales representative directly, visit Shop Geoponics or order by calling 1-877-ECO-GROW (1-877-667-6330),

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