Geoponics: What we do

Geoponics provides environmentally sustainable alternatives to common practices used in sod growing, lawn care, turfgrass management, landscaping, golf course management and sports field maintenance.

Everything we do and provide is with the goal of minimizing the over-use of water, pesticides, fungicides, algaecides, fertilizer and other harmful chemicals. Meanwhile, Geoponics’ products provide optimal results for healthy soil and plants, gorgeous aesthetics for colorful landscapes, as well as economical options for nearly all budget levels of managing turfgrass and lawns.


Great landscapes, like brilliant lives, burst with color. We’ve got you colored. 

If your lawn, landscape, golf course, pond, lake, garden or sports field needs color, Geoponics can help. There are many ways to add color to a landscape. Colorants are an obvious method, including turf colorant, pond colorant and mulch colorant.

Soil nutrition, water management with soil surfactants and breathing life into soil with Agriox are a few other options offered by Geoponics for healthy landscapes while maintaining healthy environments and budgets.

If your landscape could use a burst, we’ve got you colored

Endurant Lawn Colorants: Turf paint and Mulch Colorant
Endurant Lawn Colorants:


Endurant turf colorant, green grass paints, pond colorant and mulch colorant

Don’t let your pond be greener than your lawn!

After Aquaveil Pond Colorant
Aquaveil Pond Colorant

Aquaveil pond colorant is a popular product to keep ponds, lakes and other water features looking great. No one wants a pond that’s greener than the grass!


Endurant turf colorants were first designed for use on golf courses and then became popular just about everywhere grass grows, including for sod farms, home lawns, athletic fields, municipal road medians, race tracks and other landscaped areas in countries throughout the world.
Endurant turf colorant applied to a home lawn before and after. Perfect for drought and curb appeal for real estate.

These sites help to share information about Endurant for a wide range of uses

LAWN COLORANT: Sites for more information


Mulch colorants are available in four Endurant colors, including black, cypress red, brown and pine straw. Adding Endurant mulch colorant can be an easier, more economical and more environmentally friendly way to keep landscapes looking fresh and colorful. Piling on more mulch can be detrimental to plant and tree health. Learn more.


Geoponics offers a wide variety of products, covering a wide range of environmental stewardship levels. These include organic products, such as FertaFlow fertilizer, and veganic products, which do not include animal products, such as SoilPlex, and are OMRI listed as well.

SoilPlex is for organic, veganic OMRI-listed growing. Organic plants THRIVE with SoilPlex.
SoilPlex is for organic, veganic OMRI-listed growing. Organic plants THRIVE with SoilPlex.


Geoponics also has options for just about every lawn, landscape or turf management budget imaginable, but all designed to provide the healthiest landscape with the least harm to the earth and to your bank account or wallet.

Geoponics products all provide ways of conserving water, reducing chemical usage and minimizing fertilizer dependency as fertilizers are known to damage water quality. Healthy turfgrass and beautiful landscapes do not have to come at a high cost to the environment. Also, Geoponics products provide a way to do more with less, meaning you will have even more room in your budget.

Geoponics products are available for professionals and home users

Golf course superintendents, don’t let bunkers drive you bonkers

Geoponics launches, offering soil stabilization, including for the easiest, most economical way to keep bunkers well-maintained.
Geoponics launches, offering soil stabilization, including for the easiest, most economical way to keep bunkers well-maintained.

Soil Glue

Soil stabilization for sand traps, bunkers, golf course hazards, dirt roads and gravel parking lots

Keep it together with SoilGlue for bunker, sand trap and soil stability. Learn more at


Our products were all designed with the professional landscaper, sod farmer, turfgrass manager and golf course superintendent in mind. Then, in time, we realized home owners needed our help too and that we could have an even greater environmental impact by offering products for home use. Shop Geoponics provides an online source for most consumer products.

Professional and higher quantity users may contact one of our many distributors throughout the U.S. and the world, their sales representative or Geoponics directly at 1-877-ECO-GROW,

Agriox: Breathe life into soil

Agriox breathes life into soil, resuscitating plants living in anaerobic soil. Learn more about this unique product for compacted and anaerobic soils, whether in drought or flood. Soil can never have to much oxygen. Agriox.

Soil Surfactants

Geoponics’ soil surfactants each offer something that no other wetting agent on the market offers. Penterra is the fastest-acting soil penetrant for getting water to move through the soil profile. For this reason it is often used before or after heavy rains. However, it offers much more than a mere rain drain, including providing water management with localized dry spot. Learn more about Penterra.

Geoponics Soil Surfactants, wetting agents and soil penetrants

Humawet, Profasorb and HydraHawk offer their own unique attributes as well. Humawet includes organic matter for a huge boost in soil and plant health while helping to hold water in the soil for conservation and/ or for drought and dry soil conditions.

Profasorb is the most economical soil surfactant for moving water through the soil, including on large areas.

HydraHawk is the professional’s choice for water management. Learn more.

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