Growing Season Turf Colorants for Spring & Summer

May 04, 2022

If your grass is growing but not quite the color you hoped, Endurant turfgrass pigments are the answer. There are three super affordable ways to add color this spring and summer: 1. Endurant Flex for a cooler, dark shade of green. 2. Endurant Turf Enhancer for a brighter, warm shade of green. 3. Endurant AF for the greenest green grass with colorant plus foliar fertilizer.

Maybe your area has been a bit cooler this spring and your turf just hasn't fully greened up the you would like. Or, you just want a bit of an edge. Choose from these three pigments:

  • You can Enhance the turfgrass with Endurant Turf Enhancer, the bright one. Quite cheery.
  • You can Flex your turf, showing it off during the transitions with this dark pigment. Maybe even a bit goth.
  • Or, you can go Green AF, with Endurant Activa with fertilizer, surfactant and pigment in one. This is the Green AF one.

Paints versus Pigments

Many turfgrass professionals and sports field operators, as well as some lawn care and landscapers, are long familiar with the use of Endurant turf paints during winter dormancy. When the grass is brown due to cold weather or drought, they paint the turf green. In part, this improves playability. It also improves aesthetics and can have agronomic benefits for transition seasons and transition turf species.

But what about colorants for growing season?

Growing Season Turf Colorants: Three Top Choices for Spring and Summer

Endurant's line of turfgrass pigments are not only the most economical way to add color to growing turf, they also have particular aesthetic benefits. The paints still have their purpose but this spring and summer, consider choosing between these three leading turfgrass pigments:

  1. Endurant Turf Enhancer: Endurant TE is the first pigment introduced by Geoponics, the makers of the Endurant line. TE is a bright green shade with a very warm tone. It's ideal for actively growing grass with chlorophyll in the leaf blade. It enhances that existing color. TE can have the added benefit of being like an indicator dye -- except in the case of TE it is a natural aesthetically pleasing indicator dye. Most of all, it adds a pop of color for a great price and is very popular on golf courses.
  2. Endurant Flex: Endurant FX is the cooler, darker pigment comparatively. Endurant Flex is great for turf in transitions. Instead of transitions causing a challenge, we like to say "Flex Your Turf," meaning show it off! Flex is ultra affordable. It is very popular on sports fields. When applied to an area, such as a football or softball field with high surface friction, we do recommend adding Spray n Stay. This is an extra binder to ensure the pigment stays on the field and off the uniforms. It increases the lasting nature of the pigment.
  3. Endurant Activa: Endurant AF is our newest pigment. This exciting, innovative product has pigment plus fertilizer. Endurant AF offers the greenest of green grass with pigment plus foliar fertilizer and surfactant. This is one of those highly anticipated product launches. AF is particularly well suited for golf courses. Many times golf course superintendents are just looking for that edge. This is it. Contact your sales rep today for the NEW Endurant AF. Or reach out via email,, or call 1-877-ECO-GROW.

One Last Favorite in Growing Season Turf Colorants

Another favorite during the growing season are Endurant's Mulch Colorants. These colorants are for mulch, bark and pine straw. They extend the life of mulch to avoid needlessly taking down trees. Endurant Mulch Colorants help save on the labor of piling on more mulch. Also, painting the mulch can be healthier for the plants to maintain that one to three inch layer rather than having too much. Visit