Summer turf & water management: Soil surfactants

Geoponics offers several unique wetting agents that help to manage and conserve water. Geoponics’ soil surfactants each offer benefits that go beyond short term water management, improving the health of the soil and plants longterm.

HydraHawk is a popular soil surfactant among golf course superintendents for its improvement in soil and water management that includes a mindful, sustainable approach to the environment made with all natural plant extracts.


Soil surfactants are most effective when combined with Agriox, which breathes life into soil by adding a boost in oxygen greater than physical aeration alone can do. Agriox is the solution to anaerobic soil, which often occurs in compacted soil, drought or flooded conditions. Agriox quickly improves oxygen and nutrient uptake, leading to a burst in growth and color while adding longterm health benefits to soil and plants. Learn about Agriox.

Combine Agriox with one of these soil surfactants for the optimal summer soil and water management program:

Penterra: The rain drain. Penterra is the fastest-acting soil penetrant, gettting water moving through the soil profile quickly. Penterra is great to apply prior to a heavy forecasted rain to assist in quicker drainage. Penterra is also the soil surfactant of choice to use to get water moving through the soil profile. In the winter, Penterra is often applied to prevent frost damage. Learn more.

Profasorb: Profasorb is one of the most economical soil surfactants making it a great choice to use on large areas, including fairways and entire golf course properties when water management and soil health is critical. Profasorb does not need to be watered in to the soil to be effective. Profasorb adds longterm benefits to the health of soil and plants.

Humawet: Humawet is a unique soil surfactant that aids in retaining water. Humawet is an optimal choice in wetting agents for drought or dry conditions. Humawet is much more that a wetting agent. As the name implies, Humawet includes humates, benefiting the soil for optimal plant health. Humawet includes  organic matter.  Learn more.

HydraHawk is a revolutionary soil surfactant and so much more. HydraHawk is the optimal choice for water management with a mindfulness toward the effects on the earth and the environment. HydaHawk’s natural plant extract base provides an option for water management and soil health that golf course superintendents, growers and landscape managers can feel good about using. Learn more about HydraHawk.

Order Agriox and a soil surfactant today.

Improve the health of anaerobic soil with Agriox. Help conserve and properly manage water with one of the best soil surfactants on the market. Together, have the healthiest turf.

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