Arbor Day: Save a Tree by Painting Mulch

May 04, 2022

This Arbor Day instead of replacing mulch, save a tree by coloring the mulch. Endurant Mulch Colorants come in four colors. They are mixable. Therefor, you can customize the color. Endurant is easy to apply with a garden sprayer.

Endurant Mulch Colorants include Brown, Black, Cypress Red and Pine Straw. These colors are very affordable and can be mixed to customize your mulch color. This can be a great way to revitalize a landscape, adding color to a garden or lawn. You can do this quickly and affordably.

Simply shake the bottle, mix the Endurant Mulch Colorant in a garden sprayer with water following the bottle instructions. Then, pump and spray.

You may be able to save a tree by using Endurant mulch, bark and pine straw colorant to extend the aesthetic life of the mulch.


“I was really amazed with how this product worked. How natural it looks! Endurant Mulch Colorant was so easy to use and very economical. It only took a short time and our house literally looked completely different. It really looked like we had brand new mulch installed at our house. My wife and I are truly amazed how well the Endurant worked. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with faded out mulch.. Awesome product!” ~ Andres S., Boulder, Colorado

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Arbor Day Mulch Colorant or New Mulch: How to Decide

When considering whether it's best for your garden and landscape to add new mulch or to add color for vibrancy and contrast, check here. The short answer is, you want to maintain mulch at two to three inches. You don't want to pile more mulch on top of that. Instead, a colorant would be better if you simply want to add some contrast and color to the garden and landscape.

You can choose to coordinate the mulch color or add a new color with Endurant Mulch Colorant. For large orders, contact your sales rep. Visit a distributor or for mulch, bark and pine straw colorant. It's very easy to paint! Grab a simple garden sprayer at your local hardware store.

This Arbor Day, if you can't plant a tree, perhaps save one. Or both.

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