NEW: Endurant AF Turf Colorant Plus Fertilizer

Mar 25, 2022

Endurant Launches Its Greenest Formula Yet with Endurant AF Turf Pigment Plus Foliar Nutrition

The greenest grass is now made easier than ever with Endurant Activa turf colorant plus fertility.  Geoponics, the makers of the Endurant line of turf and landscape colorants, created Endurant Activa to meet the high demands of turfgrass managers, particularly golf course superintendents. When you want green grass now and green grass that lasts with agronomic benefits, Endurant AF is the way to go.

Endurant Activa (AF) turf pigment plus fertilizer (5-0-0) offers all that our long time clients love in our turf pigment that immediately gives grass a pop of natural looking green color. Further, Endurant AF includes nutrition, surfactants and humic acid for continued greening and plant health.

Endurant Activa (AF) will be coming soon to our online store, In the meantime, contact your sales rep today to order. If you don't yet have a rep, contact Geoponics at 1-877-ECO-GROW or email for details such as cost, availability, detailed invoicing or other product information, including sales.

About Endurant Activa: The Turf Colorant Formula with Fertility, Pigment and More

Endurant Activa is the green AF formula. Activa includes the trusted, natural look of Endurant pigment plus fertilizer for extra greening and nutrition. Endurant AF also includes humic acid and surfactants.

This combination makes Endurant Activa formula a powerhouse for extra green grass.

Endurant AF Turf Colorant is tank mix compatible with numerous pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other fertilizers. Perform a standard jar test and do NOT combine with other pigments as a discoloration may occur.

This green AF formula can be used anywhere that very green grass is desired. It is particularly well suited for golf courses.

Endurant AF 5-0-0 provides what a golf course superintendent or other turfgrass manager most desires for green grass now, plus green grass that lasts. This is because of the foliar fertilizer, humic acid and surfactant — plus colorant.


Endurant Activa Turf Colorant Plus Fertility (5-0-0)

Total Nitrogen (N) ........................................ 5.00%

Water Soluble Magnesium (Mg) .................. 1.00%

Chelated Iron (Fe) ........................................ 3.00%

Manganese (Mn) ........................................... 1.00%

Humic Acid .................................................... 2.00%

Derived From: Urea, Iron Glucoheptonate, Magnesium Glucoheptonate, Manganese Glucoheptonate

Non Plant Food Ingredients: Humic Acid from Leonardite Shale

Recommended Rates

Apply one to two gallons of Endurant AF Turf Colorant per acre. Apply at a carrier volume of 40 to 45 gallons of mix per acre.

Application of Endurant Activa Turf Colorant Plus Fertility

Endurant AF Turf Colorant Plus Fertility is easy to apply.

First, shake or agitate well before mixing and while applying. Then, prepare the surface by mowing to the desired height. Ensure the surface is free of debris, including clippings, leaves and worm casings.

Nozzle types, pressure, spray angle and water carrier volume will all affect proper product distribution.

Avoid overspray on areas such as curbing, concrete, tee markers or other objects where color is not desired. If accidental overspray occurs rinse away before it dries. Immediately spray with water.

Equipment and Clean Up

Consult with your sales or technical representative for more equipment recommendations.

Rinse spray equipment after use thoroughly and immediately, including rinsing spray tanks and screens. Soak nozzles.

Download the Endurant AF flyer

More Details About Endurant and Geoponics

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