Green Grass Lasts with Endurant Spray n Stay

Jun 04, 2021

Endurant Spray n Stay provides extra binderExtra Staying Power: New Endurant Spray & Stay

Introducing Endurant Spray n Stay: Extra Binder for Even More Grass Colorant Staying Power You've got green grass, now make it last. Endurant turf colorants are known for their natural look from organic pigments and lasting green from the brand's unique, long-lasting nontoxic binder. Sometimes, extra staying power is needed. That's why Geoponics, the makers of Endurant, is now introducing Endurant Spray n Stay to extend the staying power of turf colorants in even the roughest and toughest situations. Adding extra binder to Endurant turf colorants with Spray n Stay isn't usually needed, except in a few circumstances. Use Spray n Stay when colorant was diluted beyond recommended rates; when there is high traffic or high friction; when color transfer needs to be avoided or minimized. [caption id="attachment_1456" align="alignnone" width="750"]SiteOne, Geoponics and Field Source use team work to get football field TV ready using Endurant turf colorant. SiteOne, Geoponics and Field Source use team work to get football field TV ready using Endurant turf colorant. [This image is from another turf paint blog about Endurant. Spray n Stay was initially designed for use on football fields and became popular in many other high friction sports and high traffic areas.][/caption]Endurant's natural looking color lasts up to three months on turfgrass without adding extra binder. The new Spray n Stay can either help the color extend beyond that up to three month estimation or be used when there is high friction on the grass. Typically, Endurant turf colorants are estimated to last up to three months in conditions when the grass is not fast-growing. Because in those cases, you're not frequently mowing. So on drought-stricken or dormant turf, Endurant lasts months. But in high traffic and high friction situations, even more staying power may be desired. Circumstances where more binder is recommended, include:
  • When the product is diluted more than the recommended rates on the label
  • When using Endurant Turf Enhancer (TE) in a high traffic area
  • When there is extremely high friction, such as in football or other sports
  • When decreased grass staining on uniforms is sought
  • For large events held on a lawn or grassy area
  • For lawns or parks where dogs or children are playing

More About Why to Use Endurant Spray n Stay

Endurant mix rates are recommended not just to produce the best color, although Endurant does that, but also to produce the most lasting results. If the product is diluted beyond the label recommended rates, perhaps to stretch or extends it coverage or to add a light green touch, then the binder is also diluted, so the staying power is weakened. Thus, more binder is needed and Spray n Stay is the solution.

Spray n Stay and Endurant TE

When choosing Endurant's pigment, the Endurant Turf Enhancer, called Endurant TE or TE for short, Spray n Stay may be desired. Unlike the other colorants in the line, TE has less binder than the paints and than the hybrid pigment and paint, Endurant Flex. Thus, use Spray n Stay when using TE if traffic on that grass is expected. TE is an ultra-concentrated organic pigment. TE is often applied in areas that will not get a lot of traffic on actively growing grass that has chlorophyll. When used otherwise, add Spray n Stay and get lasting gorgeous color on your actively growing grass. Or, consider Endurant Flex, which has pigment and paint, and thus, more binder than TE, but is also made for actively growing grass.

High Traffic, High Friction: Professional Sports and Events

In cases when Endurant is applied to an area that will receive traffic, whether by foot, hooves, wheels or paws, then Spray n Stay is suggested. Spray n Stay was initially made to keep football uniforms from getting too much grass stain. The uniforms get some grass staining, but are able to withstand more tackles and still look good for the next game or for the photo op. Many people choose to make their grass look great for an event. When applying Endurant turf colorants onto grass before an event, adding Spray n Stay is highly recommended. This way, the grass and the color can withstand high traffic, dances, or whatever the crowds have in store.

How to Use Spray n Stay

Spray n Stay may be used by either adding it to the existing mix of colorant before application or if the colorant has already been applied and more staying power is needed, then an additional application of Spray n Stay may be added after the colorant application has dried.

Purchasing Spray n Stay

Spray n Stay is much more affordable than adding another full application of color. When staying power is what you need, get Endurant Spray n Stay. Contact your sales rep to purchase or 1-877-ECO-GROW. Have questions first? Email Learn more about Spray n Stay in the Endurant Spray n Stay flyer and check out the full line of Endurant products in the Endurant Line Brochure 2021. A preview of the Endurant Spray n Stay flyer:  Endurant Spray n Stay extra binder for turf colorant