How to launch a lawn painting business

Oct 02, 2015

Launch your own lawn painting business

Timing is perfect to launch a lawn painting business to assist property owners during times of drought, water shortages, water restrictions, environmental concerns and property values damaged by declining curb appeal. Turn brown, dry, dormant lawns in to gorgeous green grass easily, economically and with environmental responsibility using Endurant.

Launching your lawn painting business can be as simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Choose your lawn paint in the Endurant turf colorant line
  2. Select a sprayer for application of lawn paint
  3. Get unparalleled knowledge, support and training from Geoponics when you launch your business with Endurant. Contact or 1-877-ECO-GROW

Lawn painting fulfills growing needs and desires environmentally and aesthetically

Landscapers and homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the effects that their lawn care practices can have on water supplies, water quality and the environment. Allowing nitrates and potassium from fertilizers to flow into rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans is quickly and permanently damaging these bodies of water in addition to the humans and wildlife that depend upon them. Painting grass gives the desired look without the watering and harsh chemicals. Painting is easy, less expensive and can improve the health of the lawn.

Why launch a lawn painting business with Endurant?

Endurant lawn paint is the most popular turf colorant among the top professionals in turfgrass, sod farming, golf course maintenance and lawn management. Endurant is a popular choice with its organic pigments providing a natural green grass color unparalleled in authenticity and aesthetic appeal. These organic pigments combined with binders made specifically for the grass paint's excellent adherence to turfgrass makes Endurant lawn paint long lasting. Add that Endurant is the best economic choice and Endurant has become the choice professionals have made for many years. Endurant lawn paint is environmentally friendly. Families and homeowners get a sense of security as pets and children play on their freshly green lawns. Using Endurant lawn paint is a great way to decrease harsh chemical use, including fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals that leach into ground water causing a host of environmental and health hazards. Environmental responsibility can be attained without compromising visual appeal.

Launching a lawn painting business with Endurant is simple

Endurant is seeing growth in small to medium sized lawn painting businesses launching throughout the U.S. and the world as an environmental friendly way to keep grass green throughout the seasons, weather and climate changes. The opportunity for startup and growth is better than ever before.

What you need to launch a lawn painting business

  • Endurant lawn paint, available in multiple shades of green and concentrations for desired effects
  • Water
  • A sprayer, which can be either a handsprayer for small to average-sized lawns, a backpack sprayer for larger lawns or grass areas or a ProEdge Sprayer for the largest jobs, such as golf courses, large private properties, municipal parks and common areas, campuses, athletic fields and other large turfgrass areas.
Endurant lawn paint is as ideal for home lawns as it has been for the professional turfgrass managers who have relied on Endurant for years to provide optimal results for their large properties. All you need to apply Endurant is a backpack sprayer or handsprayer, water and the Endurant colorant of your choice. The largest growing market is lawn painting for home users. However, if you're looking to expand to offering grass paint and turf paint services for larger jobs, consider using a ProEdge Sprayer specifically built for the purpose of applying turf colorant for large jobs.

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