What is liquid overseed? The best alternative to overseed

Sep 09, 2021

Perhaps you've heard the phrase "liquid overseed," but you're not sure what it means. So, we set out to define some common terms in turf grass, including to answer the question: What is liquid overseed? It's a great way to save money and water due to limited seed availability and water shortages. Learn more about this and hybrid overseed, which is using liquid turf colorant and traditional overseed together.

Endurant turf colorant applied to a dormant turf grass golf course with text Endurant liquid overseed Endurant Premium
Endurant Liquid Overseed is non toxic turf colorant used to overcome seed shortages and water challenges, particularly on dormant turf grass.

First, liquid overseed is an alternative to traditional overseed. Liquid overseed is a term coined more than 10 years ago for turf grass colorant, including pigments and paints.

Second, these colorants are used to overcome seed shortages and water challenges, which have become more severe than ever.

Perhaps most of all, Endurant is the preferred choice of colorants for its natural look, lasting color and ease of use. It's nontoxic and environmentally safe.

In sum, Endurant is one of the most popular turf colorants for professionals and home users for its lasting, natural and nontoxic color. Learn more about this as we address questions below. And you don't just have to take our word for it. Hear from professionals from the PGA tour, including TPC Scottsdale, as well as professional and collegiate football and other sports field operators. Lawn care providers and home owners have all experienced the benefits of Endurant specifically for natural, lasting green color.

Here are some definitions of these terms commonly used in turf grass related fields, such as golf course maintenance, sports field management and lawn care.

What is Overseed?

Overseed is the practice of overseeding a warm season grass, such as bermudagrass, with a cool season grass, such as perennial rye grass. This is done as temperatures lower and warm season grasses start to turn brown. It requires a lot of work, water and chemicals.

What is Liquid Overseed?

Liquid Overseed is the alternative to traditional overseed. Endurant turf colorant is often called liquid overseed. It’s used instead of seed to achieve the green look without the reductions in playability in golf, water demands, labor costs, fuel usage and labor. It reduces transitional challenges between seasons. Perhaps best of all, this year, it provides a solution to shortages in seed availability, droughts and fertilizer price increases.

Endurant liquid overseed turf grass colorant on top of lightly overseeded turf
Hybrid Overseed offers the best of both. Endurant liquid overseed turf grass colorant on lightly overseeded turf grass.

What is Hybrid Overseed?

Hybrid overseed is the choice to use a bit of both — traditional overseed and turf colorants — for optimal results. It is often used as way to keep the benefits of both the growing grass and the ease of transitions plus consistent lush color that comes with the Endurant colorants. Endurant Flex is one of the popular products in the line for this transitional use, although any of the colorants can be used.

Why Turf Colorants as an Alternative to Overseed?

Whether choosing to replace overseed completely, as is popular in the Eastern U.S., or use a conjunction of seed and colorant, as is common in the Western U.S., the reason is often for results. There is also a savings in natural resources as well as money. (See the blog on a recent cost comparison that doesn't even include the water savings, which in some areas, such as Arizona, California and the Western U.S., is where the largest savings apply.)

Benefits of Liquid Overseed:

  • Reduces water demand. 
  • Cuts fuel, seed and labor costs.
  • Avoid loss of play time and revenue.
  • Improve seasonal transitions.
  • Get TV-Ready, tournament-ready turf.
  • Increase curb appeal.
  • Reduce other chemical and fertilizer demands.
  • Improves fast and firm playability on golf courses.
  • Instant and lasting results. 

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