Women Launch Texas Lawn Painting Business

Dec 08, 2021

Texans’ Solution to a Patchy Lawn Leads to Business Startup 

Two property managers in Texas sought to correct a patchy area in a lawn they managed. When looking into options, the caught onto an opportunity they had never thought of before. Thus, a business was born.

Rachel Leonard of Austin, Texas saw several turf paint companies and brands. Longtime friend and coworker, Tanya Ambrosio, of the San Antonio area, was immediately drawn to Endurant turf colorants. 

“I was adamant. Everything was by far better about Endurant than what was offered by everybody else. The color, the coverage and the cost,” said Ambrosio. 

After brand comparisons, they settled on their top choice for use on the high-end property they managed. 

“We tried other brands that were just awful,” said Leonard. 

“They were terrible,” agreed Ambrosio. 

They selected Endurant Perennial Rye because it best coordinated with their St. Augustine and the Zoysia on the property. (Get help choosing the best Endurant turf colorant for you and your grass type here.) They ordered one gallon from Geoponics' Endurant landscape colorants' store on Amazon. (You can purchase Endurant through any of our distributors, including these U.S. distributors and others throughout the world, or on our ShopGeoponics store.)

“We thought it was like magic in a bottle,” said Ambrosio. 

One Gallon of Endurant Soon Leads to Two Texas Lawn Painting Business Ventures

Texas Lawn Painting and Sales Consulting

“I loved Endurant grass paint. I thought it was the greatest thing I’d seen in my life,” said Ambrosio. “Let’s start painting the world green, one lawn at a time,” she added. 

Ambrosio and Leonard both said at the outset that they thought it could make a great business venture in Texas where grass is brown due to drought, heat, water restrictions and water costs, among other causes. 

“The week before Covid hit us, we ordered a pallet,” recalled Leonard. “Then, we were dead in the water there for a while,” she said. 

An Endurant turf colorant specialist was on his way to Texas to help launch the business successfully. Then, travel was limited and everything changed.

“We came to a halt,” recalled Leonard. 

“We had all this paint and the world was taking a break,” added Ambrosio.

But, well before fall of 2021, the pair was ready to hit the ground painting again as an Endurant technical expert arrived in Texas to assist them. GreenScene started back up again for Texas lawn painting and more.

They painted some lawns, approached some golf courses and saw a new opportunity: landscapers. 

“I’m not getting any younger. But this is something they can offer and I can help them,” said Ambrosio. 

“We have so many landscapers. They need this,” said Ambrosio. 

The GreenScene in Texas still offers grass painting for lawns, golf courses and ball fields. But also, they are offering sales of Endurant landscape colorants as well as consulting to help use the products for landscapers and others.

 Texas Turf Painting: Customer Responses and Results

Many places are not overseeding. With seed costs, seed shortages, drought and water expenses, overseed is just too expensive for many properties. 

Subdivisions and golf courses see the opportunities right away for “liquid overseed” (as Endurant grass paint is often called) and quick, yet lasting results with Endurant colorants. People feel good about cutting out some other practices, such as over-fertilizing and overwatering, while still maintaining green grass year round. 

“When we paint someone’s grass, they love it, love it, love it,” said Ambrosio. 

Tips for Painting Grass from the Texans

Over the past couple years, Ambrosio and Leonard gathered some tips about the Texas lawn painting business. 

  • If you are a DIY-er, you can do this.
  • Don’t get the colorant on cement, stones or anywhere you don’t want to be sprayed green. 
  • You do not need to use too much paint. More is not better. 
  • Simply get Endurant, put a back sprayer on, and do it. 
  • You can use a spray boom for larger areas as well, not just backpack sprayers. 
  • There are many more tips and extra how-to’s on TurfPaint.net for the DIY person who likes all the details. 
  • Contact us for short cuts, product purchases and other assistance.

For sales and assistance in Texas, contact tanya@lawnpainttx.com

The GreenScene is launching their new website, lawnpainttx.com. It is under construction.

Although the GreenSceneTX business page is on Instagram, much of their work is posted to the Endurant Turf Painting IG. See you there.