Green Lawn Paint: Why?! Learn here.

Many people outside of turf management industries are surprised by the notion of painting their lawns as if painting their home walls.  However, turf colorants have long been used in sports industries, especially golf course management.

When compared with many other lawn care practices, applying green grass paints can be the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way to achieve green grass.

Endurant introduces home lawn blend to make painting grass yourself easy
Why paint grass? Getting green grass can be easier, cheaper and better for the environment. Reduce water usage, fertilizers and toxic chemicals. Use non-toxic Endurant green grass paint for gorgeous natural green that lasts.

Golf course superintendents quickly found that Endurant green grass paints led to decreased water usage, decreased fertilizer application and decreased use of fungicides and other toxic chemicals. (Sources: USGA and Golf Course Magazine)


Endurant green lawn paints are non-toxic. The colorant is easy to apply with a backpack sprayer. The green grass paint lasts as long as two months, depending upon the rate of growth and frequency of mowing, among other factors.

Whether a lawn is relatively healthy or is facing disease or pest challenges, green grass paints provide a way to attain a great looking healthy lawn quickly, inexpensively and without harmful chemicals. This can be a quick remedy for event preparation, such as an outdoor wedding, BBQ, party or picnic. It’s also a helpful way to get a quick boost in curb appeal when selling a home or when dealing with challenges such as drought or water restrictions.

One of the least expensive home improvement options is to buy lawn paint and get a boost in curb appeal.

Since the practice isn’t new to turfgrass professionals, there are lots of expert tips on how to paint grass for the first-time user.

Fertilizer has a detrimental effect on waterways causing algae blooms and other challenges. Lawn and garden maintenance does not have to come at such great cost. The USGA and other organizations have lauded the positive effects that turf colorants have had on decreasing the negative environmental footprint of golf courses and turfgrass management.

If you want a green lawn but don’t want to spend your weekends and water fussing with it, buy grass paint.


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