How to fix and avoid common lawn problems

There is a relatively small list of the most common turf problems and how to avoid or repair them. These lawn and garden problems are relatively easy to avoid.

Expert lawn care tips can help almost every level of gardener or landscaper.

Here is a direct link to recent Geoponics blog on how to get a healthy lawn and garden, working to minimize over-watering, over-fertilizing, as well as all unnecessary usage of chemical herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Their use can often be avoided and their causes prevented by improving soil health, proper water management and increasing soil oxygen levels.

Common lawn problems include:

General tips for healthy soil, gardens and lawns:

  • Reduce water usage in most cases.
  • Increase soil oxygen in nearly all cases. Apply Agriox.
  • Manage water using a soil surfactant, such as Penterra when water needs to move and Humawet when water needs to be retained.
  • Apply turf colorants or green grass paints when drought, dormancy or other browning or color issues cannot be avoided or addressed without an over-dependency on water, fertilizer, herbicides, fungicides, algacides and other chemicals.
  • Mow less frequently and use sharp mower blades.
  • Add organic matter. Consider Carbotein, Fertaflow, Humawet and SoilPlex. Visit

Products listed are non-toxic. Several are organic, veganic and contain only plant extracts. All are made as sustainable and effective for soil and turf health as possible.

Please avoid using fertilizer and toxic chemicals near storm drains where they could easily be deposited directly into rivers, lakes and oceans. 

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