How to reduce lawn stress in the summer

Heat stress can lead to brown grass and a dry lawn. And, much like people, a stressed lawn and garden is in need of a deep “breath” of oxygen. Proper hydration, or water management, is also key to a lawn and landscape that handles summer heat well.

How to Reduce Summer Lawn Stress
Keep lawns happy this summer. Learn how to reduce lawn stress. (Image from Lawn Wranglers)

Summer would seem the perfect time for a green lawn. Yet often too much heat, not enough oxygen and either too much or too little water at the roots cause stress and brown grass. Here are expert tips on how to reduce lawn stress in the summer so you can get that healthy green lawn you desire.

Water management is key to healthy lawns

Often plants are getting too much water, not enough water, soil is not retaining water or water is not able to move through the soil for even distribution of moisture throughout the root zone.

Water management and oxygen often go together. Agriox is the perfect solution for anaerobic soils that are not getting enough oxygen. This can occur in compacted soil, during drought and during flood conditions. Many of Geoponics soil surfactants, wetting agents and penetrants are unique in that they also address soil oxygen and nutrition uptake. Used with Agriox these surfactants can be a dream team for summer lawn, garden and landscape health.

The first step in addressing lawn stress is assessing the water conditions. Meanwhile, also avoid further stress.

Reduce lawn stress in the summer with water management using soil surfactants
Water Management with Soil surfactants: How to reduce lawn stress in the summer

Expert tips on avoiding further stress in your lawn care routine:

  • Don’t walk, drive or put too much wear on stressed, dry, brown grass. If soil is compacted, consider a soil surfactant.
  • Don’t mow grass too short (perhaps increase to 3 inches) and be sure the lawnmower blades are sharp.
  • Water in the morning to avoid causing disease by having water sit overnight. Watering in the day time leads to less waste from evaporation. Water deeply, but conservatively. Consider a penetrant if water is sitting on the surface and not being fully absorbed. Consider one of these surfactants for dry soil.
  • Don’t fertilize in high heat.
  • In general, lawns do better on the dry side than on the wet side.

Too much or not enough water:

Not enough water due to lack of rain or precipitation and limited use of irrigation, perhaps due to drought or water restrictions, leaves few options for attaining a green lawn. This is when green lawn paints are the best method for attaining the desired look without the need for much water.

Still not sure what to do with your dry brown lawn? Check out for more tips.

When water availability is low, or when there is an over-abundance of water, there are methods to best manage the water that is available. These are the soil surfactants, soil wetting agents and soil penetrants. Geoponics line of wetting agents all do more than the typical soil surfactant by adding to soil and plant health longterm.

What can you do about a lawn and garden stressed by summer heat?

Geoponics offers numerous products to address the challenges of summer heat. These include water management through soil surfactants, wetting agents and soil penetrants, as well as colorants with Endurant green lawn paints.

If you have a dry lawn, check out or keep reading for more tips on how to reduce lawn stress in the summer.

Buy Lawn Paint

Green grass paints are lasting and as organic as we could get them, made with organic pigments and binders specifically created for excellent adherence to turfgrass.

Wondering how to reduce lawn stress in the summer?

Water management with soil surfactants

If you feel the water being provided by rain and irrigation is adequate for plant survival, then soil surfactants, soil wetting agents and soil penetrants are among the products you could use to address soil conditions leading to inadequate uptake of water from the roots to the plants. These can also help to conserve water, limiting the need for frequent irrigation and preventing the common practice of over-watering, which is not only a waste of a valuable resource but also is not the best for optimal plant root health.

Retain water:

When water is limited, soil is dry and/or conserving every drop is key:

  • Humawet: Retain water and get a boost of organic material for lasting plant health. A popular choice for greens, home lawns, gardens and many other applications.
  • Profasorb: The most economical soil surfactant for retaining water, especially practical for water conservation efforts and soil health covering large areas. A popular choice for golf course fairways.

Move water:

When dealing with a lot of water, with soil that has dry spots not absorbing water, with soil that is overly saturated with water, such as with heavy rains or floods:

  • Penterra: The fastest-acting soil penetrant on the market. Get water moving fast. Get standing water to move or avoid puddling. Improves soil health longterm.
  • HydraHawk: The ultimate choice for moving water throughout the soil profile while improving not just water uptake by the plant, but also oxygen and nutrient uptake. Furthermore, HydraHawk is the environmentalist’s choice. Made from naturally derived fruit and vegetable extracts.

What about the environment?

All of Geoponics products are made to help people to do more with less—in this sense all Geoponics products provide environmental improvements from many traditional lawn and landscape practices. All products help with water conservation. However, some of Geoponics products are particularly unique in this regard and are favorites among the environmentally conscious consumers and producers.

If you care about the health of the Earth, including potentially far beyond the confines of your property or yard, check out these products. Perhaps you want to grow very differently than the growers supporting huge agro-chemical companies. Here are the most divergent options, including fertilizer you can feel good about:

Manage summer stress and environmental stress with HydraHawk
HydraHawk is for those who are very conscious of how they are using the water that is available. It is important that the adjuvants used do not harm our environment in the process. HydraHawk helps water penetrate compacted or arid soils while aiding plants in the uptake of water and nutrients. HydraHawk is a natural performance-enhancing wetting agent derived from fruit and vegetable extracts.

HydraHawk: When not only are you trying to manage water within your property, but also you understand the importance of water quality preservation, HydraHawk is your choice.

HydraHawk improves water management, oxygen uptake in anaerobic soils and nutrient uptake. It does so much more. Go to to learn more.

Carbotein: Learn more and check out the testimonials on Organic, veganic, eco-nomical soil conditioner with plant growth supporting properties made from vegetable extracts. Buy the super eco-nomical Carbotein for the ultimate in plant nourishment for organic and veganic growing.

Organics that are OMRI listed

Interested in organic growing? Check out FertaFlow and SoilPlex, which are OMRI listed for organic growing.

SoilPlex is organic and veganic, meaning it has no animal products and is the highest standard in vegan lifestyles.

Where to buy?

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