Endurant Launches Great White Line Paint Amid Shortage

Mar 23, 2022

Geoponics brings its newest product, Endurant Great White Line Paint, to market amid a national shortage on paints. Endurant Great White is taking a bite out of the huge demand for line paints, particularly in athletics.

Paint shortages have been a challenge for nearly all industries from road construction, to sports fields, architectural construction and other markets for several months. However, Geoponics and their popular line of colorants have not been negatively affected and the company is easily meeting high demands. There is no shortage from Geoponics and Endurant.

So, Geoponics was proud to have access to the raw materials and manufacturing necessary to make Endurant Great White Line Paint available in the U.S. beginning immediately.

About Endurant Great White:

Line Paint for Sports Fields

Endurant Great White Line Paint for sports fields is the ideal lasting colorant for striping on natural turfgrass, gravel, stone and dirt, among other surfaces. It is ideal for use on athletic fields, including softball, baseball, soccer, football, field hockey and natural tracks and fields. Great White is applicable for temporary, non-permanent marking paint on artificial turf or asphalt.

Endurant Great White Line Paint is an addition to that Endurant line of colorants long used by professionals. Endurant has long been trusted for use in televised sports, golf and home use. Apply Endurant Great White to any surface for striping, marking or coloring. Geoponics specifically formulated Great White Line Paint to withstand wear and tear. This Endurant Great White is long lasting and will not easily smear or readily lead to uniform transfer. Great White is ready-to-use, highly concentrated white colorant.

See Great White in Action

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Recommended Use:

Apply to any natural field, such as turfgrass or dirt for striping the playing field. You may apply Great White to other surfaces for temporary marking.

Applying Great White Line Paint

Preparation for Application: First, depending on the type of surface to be marked, prepare the surface. When applying to grass, you may prefer to mow the grass first at a low height to permit the most colorant low to the ground surface. Also, remove debris from any surface before painting. Do not apply to a wet surface.

Importantly, stir the colorant before use. Application rates will vary depending on the surface and desired results.

Application Method: For best results, apply Great White Line Paint by Endurant Turf Colorants using a line-marking machine. Or, apply Great White using a brush, roller or sprayer. Do not dilute on first application. Then, if desired, dilute subsequent coats at rates of 2:1 for game-day ready turf or 3:1 on practice fields. Select pressures, nozzles and tips based on desired results and conditions. Attain greater uniformity of appearance by using an airless or conventional sprayer. Otherwise, you may need additional coats when applying by brush or roller.

Allow adequate dry times after the application. In most conditions, Great White will dry to the touch within 30 minutes. Allow additional time in high humidity and low temperatures, under 50 degrees F. Protect from freezing.

Applications Include:

  • Football Fields
  • Baseball and Softball Fields
  • Golf Course
  • Soccer Fields
  • School Grounds
  • Fairgrounds
  • Track and Field Areas
  • Construction Sites

Product Highlights

  • Concentrated Pigments
  • Full Coverage
  • Efficient
  • Easy to Use
  • Bright White
  • Fast Drying (Dry to touch in 30 minutes, approximately, depending on conditions such as humidity and temperatures.)
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean. Wash immediately using soap and water.

Download the Endurant Great White Line Paint Flyer:

Contact your sales representative today to order.

Endurant Great White Line Paint is not yet immediately available on our online store, but it is available immediately. If you do not have a sales rep yet, contact us, Geoponics, at 1-877-ECO-GROW. If it's after hours or you request a detailed quote, write info@geoponicscorp.com.