Study tracks staining of turf colorant on clothes

Nov 14, 2017
Kansas State University recently conducted a study on whether turf colorants stained clothes more than untreated grass. The findings were favorable for Endurant turf colorant users who experience no additional staining on clothes from marks made with grass treated with Endurant versus untreated grass. [caption id="attachment_1311" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Don't let stains delay the game. Endurant turf colorants shown to leave no extra stains when athletes make contact with Endurant turf colorant treated grass. Don't let stains delay the game. Endurant turf colorants won't mark up uniforms the way another top brand does.[/caption] Other brands caused more staining to clothes, including some of the top brands. The field studies of potential clothing blemishes on clothes after athletes contact turfgrass treated with colorants were initiated February 16, 2017. When athletes make contact with the playing surface, colorants will adhere to the turfgras leaf blades. [caption id="attachment_1290" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Endurant on Zoysia grass Endurant turf colorant provides a full turfgrass makeover to this zoysia grass. The colorant stays on the field, not on athletes' uniforms! Before and after photos shared by Landscape Supply.[/caption] In some cases though, some colorant brands other than Endurant also blemished clothing and for some brands the blemishing was significantly more than if the grass was left untreated with colorant. K-State Turfgrass Research published the study in July 2017. The study was led by Jared A Hoyle and Daniele L McFadden of Kansas State University. "Effect of Dormant 'MidIron' Bermudagrass Colorant Applications on Clothing Blemishing" compared the blemishes created by four brands of turf pigments Endurant Premium left the least amount of blemishing, leaving no more blemishing on clothes than untreated turfgrass. [caption id="attachment_1310" align="alignleft" width="295"]Sometimes grass stains matter. Endurant turf colorants won't stain clothes like other brand. Prevent clothes from becoming one big grass stain. Endurant turf colorants won't stain clothes like other brands, University study finds.[/caption] According to the study, a brand called Envy left the most amount of staining on clothing that made contact with turfgrass treated with Envy grass paint. The objective of the research was to determine if turfgrass pigments and paints blemish athletic clothing after the recommended dry time. Endurant turf colorants, created by Geoponics, do not cause additional staining to athletes' clothes when compared with untreated grass. As many athletes' clothes are quite expensive, the benefits for teams can be beyond aesthetic and into economic. We're proud to share the results of the study. Review the study by University of Kansas online: "Hoyle, J. and McFadden, Daniele L. (2017) 'Effect of Dormant ‘MidIron’ Bermudagrass Colorant Applications on Clothing Blemishing,' Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station Research Reports: Vol. 3: Iss. 4." Review the PDF of the study here: Effect of Dormant 'MidIron' Bermudagrass Colorant Applications on Clothing Blemishing