Summer soil dream team: Agriox & Penterra

May 23, 2017

Soil CPR: Agriox & Penterra

If you have wet soil, compacted soil or soil that for any reason is not allowing for even coverage of water throughout the soil profile, this is what you do. You apply the wetting agent Penterra, which is the fastest-acting soil penetrant on the market, while breathing life back into the soil with Agriox, slow release oxygen for anaerobic soils. [caption id="attachment_1165" align="alignleft" width="647"]golfrain Penterra & Agriox are powerhouses for speedy and lasting recovery in heavy rains and even floods. The two work especially well together to get water moving through the soil profile evenly while adding oxygen to anaerobic soil.[/caption]  

Keep soil and plants breathing easy: Agriox & Penterra

Whether for maintenance or for emergency repair in heavy rains and floods, when it comes to healthy summer soil, Penterra and Agriox create a dream team used by turfgrass managers for years. Some professionals also use Penterra to maximize the water they do have, increasing coverage and decreasing the demand during droughts or water restrictions. These two Geoponics products are particularly helpful in conditions of heavy rains and anaerobic soil, especially when water will not penetrate through the soil profile. Penterra is the fastest-acting soil penetrant on the market. It is often applied in advance of a known rain storm or frost event, but can also be helpful applied at any time, including following a flood. Hear what golf course superintendents have to say about Penterra over the years: “I have never seen a surfactant pull water so quickly off the canopy, and I’ve used them all. I’ll give them credit, it really does what they say it will do,” Golf Course Superintendent Robby Henderson said in a previous interview. Penterra is one of Geoponics’ most popular spring, summer and wet season products among golf course superintendents for good reason. “It is the single best product for what it is that I have used in 25 years as a superintendent,” Golf Course Superintendent Johnny Powell has said. Agriox is a favorite among turf professionals as well. It is particularly unique, providing what soil cannot have too much of—oxygen. Together with Penterra, Agriox is a powerhouse for managing water in wet soils.

Recovery: Agriox and Penterra provide turfgrass repair even after drastic floods

Agiox is a unique product that increases oxygen uptake—adding more oxygen than air alone provides and more oxygen than manual soil aeration practices alone can provide. Agiox leads to quick and lasting uptake of oxygen, nutrition and fertilizers trapped in the soil. This leads to a pop in color and growth. Meanwhile, Agriox decreases the risk of ongoing challenges of black layer and reduces the need for fungicides. [caption id="attachment_1167" align="alignleft" width="640"]Flood recovery: Agriox & Penterra Flood recovery: Even after the water subsides from the worst of floods, Penterra and Agriox provide turfgrass recovery.[/caption] Agiox is often used on a monthly basis for soil health and preventative measures throughout the late spring and summer. Agriox and Penterra have been used together successfully throughout wet seasons. The dynamic duo is also highly successful following severe floods. Check out this story shared by a golf course superintendent following Carolina floods a couple years ago. After he could no longer fish for bass in his severely flooded fairways, he added Penterra and Agriox to end up with one of the most quickly recovered golf courses in the region. Read more here about a golf course's recovery from flood using Penterra and Agrio in this blog: Fishing in the fairways: Products for flood recovery 

What about dry soil and dry grass?

Do you have the opposite problem? Not enough water? Check out soil surfactants, Humawet and Profasorb, as well as our additional websites and resources for when soil and turfgrass get too dry, at