Buy lawn paint or make your own grass paint?

Jun 18, 2017

Should you make your own lawn paint or buy grass paint?

Sometimes DIY projects are great. Sometimes, they become the more expensive way to do things. Here is some information to consider when choosing whether to add green back to your lawn using a commercial colorant or making your own lawn dye. Maybe you didn't even know that you can buy lawn paint or you can make your own green grass dye at home. Before you start stirring up your homemade recipe of grass paint, be sure your grass is healthy and won’t be harmed by the ingredients in the homemade grass coloring. Homemade ingredients include fertilizer and Epsom salt, which has extra magnesium. These could burn or dry out a lawn if the soil does not need these extra nutrients or if the grass is stressed, such as by summer heat. Endurant green grass paint is our specialty. So don’t just take our word for it. Homemade grass paints will likely ruin a lawn in the summer due to the stress of heat, as noted by lawn, landscape and home improvement experts. (Read article for more sources on the summer, heat or stress risk.) Elements to consider before applying homemade grass paint or choosing to buy grass paint:
  • Is it summer? If so, don’t use the recipe for homemade green lawn paints.
  • Does the soil need to be fertilized? Fertilizer improves plant health, unless too much is applied, causing plant stress and harming waterways.
  • Can you get a natural shade of green grass color in a food coloring? If you like the shade, go for it. If not, consider more natural shades and buy grass paint made by professionals in the turfgrass industry.
  • Use gloves to protect hands, goggles if splashing the liquid and other protective clothes you don’t mind coloring. This goes for homemade grass paint or if you buy lawn paint.
  • Expense. Check out the price to buy lawn paint. You will likely find it cheaper to buy grass paint than the cost of making your own, which will include at least a pound of fertilizer, four pounds Epsom salt and ¼ cup of green food coloring.
  • Even coverage. In addition to Endurant green grass paints being made with binders to make the colorants specifically made for excellent adherence to grass blades, lasting up to 3 months, Endurant green lawn paints are also made with organic surfactants and ingredients to create optimal coverage of the waxy surface of each grass blade. This means an even green color. Not patchy. (Think Easter egg dye or worse with food coloring.)
  • Plant health. Green Grass Paints made by Endurant are created with the health of the plant in mind. Grass continues to grow and photosynthesize with Endurant green lawn paints.

What you need to get a green lawn:

  • or make your own lawn paint (recipe below)
  • A garden sprayer
  • Water
  • Protective work clothes to prevent dying skin or other clothing, including gloves and goggles.
  • Mask any areas if you are unsure about operating the sprayer without overspray

How to make your own green grass paint:

For a small to medium sized yard, begin with about one pound of liquid lawn fertilizer in a large bucket. Mix with four pounds of Epsom salt and ¼ cup of green liquid food coloring into the bucket. Stir while adding each ingredient.

Pros and cons of homemade green grass paint versus choosing to Buy Grass Paint:

Does the soil really need the fertilizer and magnesium sulfate? If so, the grass will likely be healthier with the added fertilizer and magnesium sulfate of Epsom salt. If not, the grass could burn or be damaged, especially if already stressed, such as during a hot summer, in high heat, dry or sunny conditions. Warning: Most lawns could be destroyed if homemade grass paint were applied in the summer.


Endurant green grass paints have been used for years by turfgrass professionals. Endurant is used for HD TV-ready turf such as during Super Bowl, golf tournaments and other high stakes situations. Endurant is also made for the lower budget golf course superintendent who needs the grass to be healthy longterm as well as beautiful almost instantly. Endurant green grass paints do not harm lawns applied any time of year, on dormant or on actively growing grass.

Natural green color

Getting the most natural shade of green is also important to most homeowners and certainly to golf course superintendents. Endurant turf colorants have been selected by professionals, especially golf course superintendents and others managing to get TV-ready turf, because in trial after trial, it is selected as the most natural looking colorant.

How to paint grass

So you’ve decided whether to make your own lawn paint or buy grass paint from a professional manufacturer. Know you want to know: How to paint a lawn, right? Check out this blog: How to Paint Grass Green