Introducing New Endurant Flex Turf Colorant

Aug 17, 2020
Geoponics, the maker of Endurant professional turf colorants, introduces the new hybrid Endurant Flex, specially formulated for transitions and transition zones, among other uses.

Flex Your Turf

Endurant Flex turf colorant

What makes Endurant Flex different?

Endurant Flex combines the benefits of a pigment, such as Endurant TE for actively growing grass, with the benefits of a paint, such as Endurant TC and the other shades of Endurant paint, which are formulated for excellent pigmentation of dormant turf. With Endurant Flex turf colorant, you get the benefits of a pigment with the benefits of a paint for those in between times and those in between zones, among other applications. [video width="848" height="352" mp4=""][/video]

Why Flex? Why now?

Geoponics launches their newest product, Endurant Flex, as Endurant turf colorant celebrates its 10th Anniversary of painting grass. Ten years ago, Endurant became the professional's choice for adding color to turgrass at times when chlorophyll was naturally lacking, such as in seasonal dormancy of warm season grass species, including Bermuda grass. This practice of painting grass using Endurant was implemented to provide a great look and to conserve water, avoid harsh chemical usage, minimize labor expenses, improve transitions between warm and cool season grasses and increase playability on golf courses. For golf course superintendents specifically, using Endurant on the dormant turf not only added color, it provided the firm and fast playing conditions as preferred by golfers. Still, there are transitions and times overseed is still used and those are among the times to Flex. [caption id="attachment_1387" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Before and after photos show Endurant turf colorant on dormant warm season turfgrass. Before and after photos show Endurant turf colorant on dormant warm season Bermuda grass.[/caption] One of the challenges for some golf course superintendents, landscapers and turfgrass managers remains managing the transitions and transition zones, efficiently, economically, aesthetically and with optimal results agronomically-- all while providing optimal playing surfaces when applicable to golf courses and athletic fields. Whether it's the time of year when turfgrass is transitioning from actively growing grass to dormant turf or the other way around, when dormant turf is on its way back in growing and producing chlorophyl, these in between times call for a flexible product, one that is in between two of Endurant's fan favorites-- Endurant turf paints and Endurant TE pigment.

Try Endurant Flex today! Flex your turf!

If you already have a sales rep, contact your Endurant distributor or sales representative today and tell them you're ready to Flex your turf! Otherwise, contact Geoponics at 1-877-ECO-GROW (1-877-326-4769) or email Endurant Flex will be available soon on Amazon, where many of Geoponics products are currently available, and on, where almost all Geoponics products are available (special large orders are available through representatives). By shopping Geoponcis and Endurant on Amazon, Prime members can enjoy free shipping. [caption id="attachment_108" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Endurant colorants for varying turfgrass species concentrations Endurant colorant varieties. Check out the full line at[/caption]

Find Your Favorite Shade of Green with Endurant Grass Paints

Want to see the different shades of Endurant in one place? Check out this grass painting site. Here you will quench your curiosity about the other Endurant turf colorants that came before Endurant Flex, including Endurant TE (a pigment ideal for actively growing grass); Endurant TC (the original colorant that is a shade of green ideal for many species of grass, common turf conditions and as used in the Endurant sprays for home lawns); Endurant FW (formulated for a richer tone that golf courses enjoy on Fairways); Endurant PR (a perennial rye look) and Endurant Premium (one of the darkest greens).