Buy lawn paint or make your own grass paint?

Should you make your own lawn paint or buy grass paint?

Sometimes DIY projects are great. Sometimes, they become the more expensive way to do things. Here is some information to consider when choosing whether to add green back to your lawn using a commercial colorant or making your own lawn dye.

Maybe you didn’t even know that you can buy lawn paint or you can make your own green grass dye at home. Before you start stirring up your homemade recipe Read More

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Geoponics: What we do

Geoponics provides environmentally sustainable alternatives to common practices used in sod growing, lawn care, turfgrass management, landscaping, golf course management and sports field maintenance.

Everything we do and provide is with the goal of minimizing the over-use of water, pesticides, fungicides, algaecides, fertilizer and other harmful chemicals. Meanwhile, Geoponics’ products provide optimal results for healthy soil and plants, gorgeous aesthetics for colorful landscapes, as well as economical options for nearly all budget levels of managing turfgrass and lawns.


Great landscapes, like brilliant lives, burst with color. We’ve got you colored.  Read More

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The rain drain: Penterra

Penterra is the fastest-acting soil penetrant on the market. Penterra isn’t just an ordinary soil surfactant. It gets water moving through the soil profile, FAST.
When rain and soil conditions cause puddling and flooding, Penterra is the solution to get water moving quickly.

Penterra is a key tool for water management, not only helping in flood situations to drain rain quickly, but also to even out water distribution in hardened or dry soils.

Penterra the fastest-acting soil penetrant for getting water moving through soil
Penterra is the fastest acting wetting agent. Get water moving throughout the soil profile. FAST


Penterra is a staple to have handy for turfgrass managers. It is applied before and after rain storms. It is often applied prior to rain when a storm is in the forecast. Penterra is also used after flooding has occurred. This is why Penterra is often referred to as the rain drain. However, Penterra does more as a water management tool and for water conservation than just move rain water  Read More

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Pond colorant safely beautifies ponds

Whether a water feature on a golf course, a backyard pond or a neighborhood waterway, beautification matters. Turn a mucky, mirky pond into a beautiful pond safely, quickly and economically with Aquaveil pond colorant.

After Aquaveil Pond Colorant
After Aquaveil Pond Colorant applied to a golf course community pond

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Summer soil dream team: Agriox & Penterra

Soil CPR: Agriox & Penterra

If you have wet soil, compacted soil or soil that for any reason is not allowing for even coverage of water throughout the soil profile, this is what you do. You apply the wetting agent Penterra, which is the fastest-acting soil penetrant on the market, while breathing life back into the soil with Agriox, slow release oxygen for anaerobic soils.

Penterra & Agriox are powerhouses for speedy and lasting recovery in heavy rains and even floods. The two work especially well together to get water moving through the soil profile evenly while adding oxygen to anaerobic soil.


Keep soil and plants breathing easy: Agriox & Penterra

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POA Annua: Yesterday and today

In case you missed it, here are scenes from the POA Annua Golf Classic & G.C. Horn Memorial Tournament held at Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club.

We have also mixed in some history shared by the Everglades Golf Course Superintendents Association of America as the event celebrates more than 40 years of participation.

The 2017 POA Annua, presented by the Everglades GCSA, was held Thursday, May 18 through Saturday, May 20.

Poa Annua golf tourney
Scenes from Poa Annua Golf Classic 2017 at Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club presented by the Everglades GCSA in combination with the GC Horn Memorial Tournament benefiting turfgrass research at University of Florida. Featuring Endurant turf colorants for event-ready turf all year long using less water, less fertilizer and fewer chemicals.



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Carolinas Green: A thank you from Geoponics’ Seevers

Carolinas Green: Seevers offers gratitude to GCSA & My Carolinas

Magazine article features reciprocated gratitude

Jennifer Seevers Carolinas Green MagazineJennifer Seevers is a pioneer in the turf management industry as a leading advocate for Endurant turf colorants and all the products offered by Geoponics because they help golf course superintendents and turfgrass managers.
“Everything we offer helps golf course superintendents and turfgrass growers to do more with less,” said Seevers.

Her service to the Carolinas and the superintendents’ reciprocated appreciation was highlighted in the May-June issue of Carolinas Green, a magazine serving the Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association.

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Superintendents win battle of the bunkers with SoilGlue

Don’t let bunkers driver you bonkers.

Save money and maintenance time using SoilGlue instead.

Bunkers and sand traps require an often under-appreciated amount of maintenance effort. SoilGlue provides soil and sand stabilization, minimizing erosion. SoilGlue reduces bunker maintenance costs while increasing aesthetics. Soil Glue stabilizes soil and with colorant, makes for easy bunker sand trap maintenance.
Soil Glue stabilizes soil, and, with or without colorant, makes for easy bunker and sand trap maintenance.

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A California dream: Geoponics expands sustainable turf management in West Coast market

New strategic partnership combines Agri-Turf Distributing’s decades of turf management expertise with Geoponics’ innovative products.

Agri-Turf Distributing and Geoponics align in recent strategic partnership to provide best turf solutions to California

NAPLES, FLA., May 2017 – Agri-Turf Distributing and Geoponics joined forces to provide innovative products to turf management professionals in Southern and Central California.

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Breathe life into soil with Agriox

If there is one thing you cannot have too much of in soil, it is oxygen. Agriox is more efficient than physical aerification processes because air doesn’t provide as much oxygen as Agriox can provide. Together, physical aeration techniques complemented by Agriox’s increased soil oxygen, leads to optimal spring time green up and healthy turf.

As many sod growers and golf course superintendents experienced a setback in spring greenup and growth due to late March frosts, Agriox is helping turf professionals nationwide more than ever.

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